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Tomatoes in Autumn

 Note  •  Published on: 26 Sep 2018

Although our summer tomatoes are gone, this bush seems to have one last harvest! The tomatoes are green thus far, but I hope they ripen. I last counted 25 of them.


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  • Lauren S. How are your tomatoes growing now? Hope they are healthy and pests free. Tomato plants can develop many pest and disease problems. So it is important to be careful. When we faced aphids infestation on our tomato plants professionals suggested us to go for natural predators or good bugs like the ladybugs, lacewings and whitefly parasites as they help kill off whiteflies and aphids. This was very helpful. Happy and healthy plantation! Friday November 9 at 06:31
  • Roxana Our tomatoes seem to be growing very well. We haven't had any aphids, however we did have a few rats, but they left with some organic products we bought. It's great to have a second round of tomatoes! I really like the home grown kind instead of the grocery store's tomatoes.Thank you for your comment, Lauren. Friday November 9 at 16:10