Note  •  Published on: 08 Aug 2017

If anyone is looking for cheap trees, be sure to check out the abor day foundation!

They offer 10 free trees with a $10 membership! It's very much worth it and all that I have ever gotten have been in tip top shape. There are several different packs you can choose from, and it's all tailored to where you live. For instance, for my zip code the options include:

  • 10 Flowering Trees: (3 White Flowering Dogwoods, 3 American Redbuds, 2 Sargent Crabapples, 2 Washington Hawthorns)
  • 10 Oak Trees
  • 10 Autumn Classics: (2 Sugar Maples, 2 Red Maples, Scarlet Oak, Red Oak, Sweetgum, Silver Maple, White Flowering Dogwood, Washington Hawthorn)
  • 10 White Dogwoods
  • 10 Eastern Red Cedar
  • 10 Eastern Redbud

(If you've never had the opportunity to see a Washington Hawthorn in full bloom, they are beautiful!)

Just thought I would share with everyone!


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  • Michelle K. Michelle K. All the trees I my yard are from the Arbor Foundation except 1, planted them 15 years ago and all are healthy and big
    Saturday September 9, 2017 at 22:52
  • Rosa G. Rosa G. Wow, 10 trees for $10, that's an excellent offer! Though I do wonder how big those trees are on arrival. Can't be much more than twigs.
    Wednesday September 13, 2017 at 09:32
  • Samantha G. Samantha G. These are baby plants - so any ordering should intend to baby them. Keep to a watering schedule so they aren\'t dried out and be sure the location chosen for planting is appropriate. They're small saplings, 6-12 inches, shipped bare root. You have to be prepared to take care of them for sure. But I've never gotten anything from them that didn't live, grow and thrive.
    Wednesday September 13, 2017 at 16:49