Cindy H.

Freesia Adventure

 Blog  •  Published on: 21 Jul 2017

I love the look and smell of Freesias. I have planted Freesia for many, many years in Central Ontario, Canada and not had any success.  I moved up to Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (known as Cottage Country about 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario).  Planted my Freesia bulbs in a couple of pots and out they went for the summer. Again nothing. Thought well I guess I'll reuse the pots next spring and brought them in with the Geraniums to store over the winter.  I cut the Geranium's back and keep in a cool dark place, watering once a month until they start to sprout in about March. Watering the Geraniums the end of January and saw little spots of green in the Freesia pots. Thought nah... but brought the 2 Freesia pots out into the south facing living room. Well by the end of March up came the Freesia and eventally all bulbs bloomed, filling the house with their beautiful scent and showing off their beauty!!  Who would have figured they'd make a house plant! Cheering up the house with snow still on the groundand me so fed up with Winter!  The joke is really on me... If I'd checked them out I would have found out sooner that since they are from Australia, they need different treatment to bloom in our summers. I find this quite funny, but very happy to have them finally bloom for me.  Hope this worked again next year. Thanks for taking the time to read my Freesia Adventure.  Any one else grow these wonderful flowers? Anyone like to share any tips for having them flower in the Canadian Summers?


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