MEDLAR JELLY( Mespilis germanica)

 Recipe  •  Published on: 16 Aug 2014

 Medlars can be made into a deep mahogony red jelly which is good with cold meats at Christmas.

500g(1lb) very ripe Bletted Medlars best in late autumn.

170ml Water

375g Sugar

Juice of half a lemon

Combine the fruit and water in a pan, Simmer and cover until soft (90min app)

Poour into several layers ofmuslin(do not squeeze) Set over a bowl to drain over nght.

Allow it to drip naturally. The liqued should be clear.

The following day  measure the volume of liquid and add 375 grams of sugar for every500ml liquid.Bring the liquid to the boil and skim any foam  and cook gently.

Measure the setting point by dabbing the liquid on a plate in the fridge.

When it has reached setting point place all the jelly to coolin steriized jars and seal and lable them and store in a cool dry dark place.


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