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Connie Triumphant

 Blog  •  Published on: 02 Jun 2017

Connie's blooming.!!!! \o/

After almost being dug up, because she was more brown and crispy than green, and we thought she was on her way to 'Concha heaven', Connie has fought back valiantly, and is now starting to bloom. Her trunk was going from green/brown to grey, and all her lower green leaves turned brown, and started to shed. We decided to leave her for a week or so, and see how things went, and if she still wasn't showing signs of health, we'd dig her up. When we came to dig her up, my partner noticed tiny, little green buds hidden in the depths of the brown leaves. So we gave her some fertilised soil and watered her, trying to help, and kept an eye on her to see what, if anything, happened. We weren't holding out much hope, but two weeks later, she had taken back some of the brown and filled it with bright, green new leaves and now she has tiny little blue buds on most of her upper branches. :D


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