Recipe  •  Published on: 16 Aug 2014

This year we have a good crop of shallots which are now ready to harvest.  Each year we store some for use in recipes such as Beef Bourgignon. We also pickle some for use with a ploughmans lunch or with cold meats and salads. Pickled properly they remain crisp for two years.This is a good time to pickle shallots for use in the year ahead.

Aprrox 5 kg shallots

2- 3 litres of brown  spiced malt vinegar


First make some brine.

BRINE=8 OZ SALT DISOLVED IN 4 PINTS OF WATER APPROX 200g salt to 2 litres of water


Place them in a large china or glass bowl and pour the brine over them and leave them to stand for 24 to 36 hours. Cover them with a cloth.

 Drain them thoroughly and put them on a dry cloth to remove suface moistsure.

 pack them into sterile pickling jars and pour cold spice vingear over them.  

screw the lids on the jars and store them in a cool dry place in the dark for at least four months.

They should be ready to use at Christmas


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