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Gardening on our 5 acres!

 Task  •  Published on: 06 Feb 2017

I planted several privet saplings that I collected from my rental and placed them to the south of my yurt on our land. They'll be a good nursery species/pioneer plant/wind break. It will coppice well and the goats will eat them. They are habitat for several species of lepidoptera as well as nectar for bees and birds eat the fruit.

I also planted 3 plum trees. 2 satsuma plums and an elephant heart plum along the fenceline. I planted them close to my neighbour so that we could share the produce and they could keep an eye on them for me while I'm gone. I've protected them by placing broken hawthorn branches around them.

I just potted up a bunch of apple seeds that I sprouted at home. I also have some cuttings of fig, mulberry and grape that I am trying to sprout on a heat mat.

Excited for spring!!


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