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Space, Rhubarb, Rhododendrons and I Told You So.!

 Blog  •  Published on: 08 Oct 2016

Today, the big guy played barber to both Buddy and Blossom. Buddy got the short back and sides and Blossom got a buzzcut. Soon it will be Connie's turn, but I'd rather deal with the space issues we seem to have first. The rhubarb went completely mad, and despite only having two plants, they both grew to the size of a minivan and when I divide them up ready for next season, there'll be enough for the entire estate to have 2-3 plants each. I had no idea it had World domination in its' sights and will try to find ample room for it for next season. The parsnips weren't given enough room, (I won't say I told you so again)... the consequence being that we have an awful lot of wide, but squat aliens with lots of tentacles. The cabbages, the same, although most of those are huge and wide, but with very little in the centre. The two berry bushes grew, but while one is fine, the other looks like it's dying. Personally I think someone was a little over-ambitious and thought the ground we had would be ample-size for all the growing he wanted to do. Next season, grapes are on the agenda, and this weekend 2 rhododendron trees are arriving, courtesy of the Mom, they've been in her garden for 30+ years and are starting to be over run by rhododendrons that have been there even longer, so instead of digging them up and disposing of them, they're coming to live with us. I'm sure Buddy will be over the moon, as he's duty babysitter now... 

Clearly, I will have to put my foot down and insist that the right research is done and a plan made for the garden for next season. I see no point in growing things we cannot use and having a garden filled with trees and flowers when the idea was for veggies and herbs... A slapdash attitude to just chucking it in the ground and hoping for the best is not doing the job, and despite mentioning compost, nutrients and digging the ground over deeper than the length of the spade head... the harder the job seems to be, and the more money that needs to go into it, the less effort is made to do it right.


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