Regarding Free Peppermint Seeds

 Blog  •  Published on: 09 Sep 2016

Hey Everyone, Upon Researching the subject of Mints, inspired by MJ and her knowledge, I realized that my Peppermint plants are in fact Spearmint. I was a little upset that my local farmers market person told me that it was Peppermint. I assumed it was.

Spearmint has a lot of the same qualities as Peppermint, That's why I am not upset at all. I will have to change the packaging of my teas and mixes. 

Spearmint has a wonderful smell and tastes great in tea. Also in the bathwater. Also great for medicinal purposes.

So I have free Spearmint seeds instead of Peppermint. 

Peppermint has a bolder flavor and leaves a menthol feeling in the mouth when chewed.

Spearmint is sweeter and is not as bold.  

Both mints have menthol properties but not as strong.

I will locate a Peppermint plant in the spring and use that one for medicinal purposes for my tea mix for colds and congestion. Until then I am halting the sale of my soothing tea mix for colds until I get the real peppermint. I can use Spearmint for my other teas but not specifically for the Soothing teas because I need a strong menthol tea that will pack a powerful punch to colds and congestions. 

Thank You, MJ for bringing this to my attention. It was never my intention to call it a Peppermint, when in fact, it is not. It's still good for my uses though, so I haven't actually misled my readers. I just simply made a mistake in the mint department. ....Kitty Clark


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  • MJ MJ Um 'her knowledge' - I'm female;-))
    Sunday September 11, 2016 at 00:46
  • kitty c. kitty c. My Apologies
    Monday September 12, 2016 at 07:47
  • MJ MJ No apology necessary, Kitty - I just thought you should know, everyone thinks I'm a bloke for some reason
    Monday September 12, 2016 at 13:11