iPot "The world first self watering plant pot that is intelligent" Arduino Uno project.

 Note  •  Published on: 16 Jul 2016

Hi Gardeners 

I love gardening but in my busy life style I just can't keep up with mother nature so I have decided to build my own intelligent plant pot that not only waters itself but can provide variety of information on the plant itself.  With integration of "Cortana" and later stage "Siri" and "Google Assistant" you will be able to ask your favourite assistant for updates on your plant. 

A research student from Birmingham City University UK

Project folder with PDF step by step instruction can be found here:!AtdKsCaxzbVuu6Zump6Wo2nlL1-Vcg

Any problems let me know and please do leave your feedback / suggestion for me

Kind regards

MrCoolTech: Waheed Rafiq

R&D student from Birmingham City University UK 


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