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Autumn Is Here...

 Task  •  Published on: 24 Apr 2016

Autumn is now nearly at the end of the second month of April, here in the Southern Hemisphere. We have been so lucky to have had warm days, but the nights are becoming chillier, so winter is closer than everyone expected. Tomorrow (Monday), is a holiday here due to the commemoration of our Anzac troops, so I am going to spend time in my garden tidying up, and getting ready for the impending cold. My daisies have spread like wild fire, so that will hopefully get the weeds down, a little. I am in the process of trying a vegetable garden, and have also just erected a small hothouse, for the more tropical plants. I've had to tie it to my large cabbage tree, and the fence, because we have such high winds here, from time to time. I'm so glad for it though, because I have never had anything like it before. 


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