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Water Hemlock v.s. Carrot

 Blog  •  Published on: 23 Aug 2015
In my town, there is a lot of Queen Anne's lace, which is the flower of wild, edible carrots. You will find it up and down highway 280 right next to the road. Now, right in front of my local Walmart, there is a plant that is done blooming and looks different up close. That is water hemlock, which is so deadly, just one root can kill you. As a big risk taker myself, I plucked a flower group (not with my bare hands) and stored the seeds in a vial. I did not plant them, but I do admire the unique plant.


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  • J L B. J L B. "The Queen has hairy legs" is how we remind kids on how to tell these plants apart. Queen Anne's Lace has hairy stocks. ---- Poison hemlock stocks are green & purple, blotchy, and hollow.
    Tuesday June 5, 2018 at 06:34