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Summer Lawn and Garden Don’ts

 Note  •  Published on: 29 Jul 2015

Summer Lawn and Garden Don’ts
When temperatures are above the 90° mark, the following lawn and garden chores are best left undone:

Applying Horticultural Oils: At temperatures above 85° F or so, horticultural oils are likely to sauté your veggies before you pick them.
Fertilizing Plants: Your plants aren’t absorbing much right now, and too much fertilizer can burn plants (with the exception of plants grown in containers).
  Okra is a heat tolerant plant.
Mowing Grass: Yep, I said it – cross mowing your lawn off your “honey-do” list until things cool down. Set your mower blade higher, and mow just often enough to keep your yard tidy.
Planting and Transplanting: If you must plant something now, set up a temporary tent (what I like to call a M*A*S*H unit) to keep it shaded from the sun.
Pruning Trees and Shrubs: Leaves help cool plants, and your trees and shrubs need all the help they can get! Also, pruning can encourage tender growth, which requires more water and gentler conditions. Only remove dead or diseased branches during hot weather.


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