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july issues

 Task  •  Published on: 29 Jul 2015

July can be an active month for pest problems and disease issues in the lawn, garden and landscape. Early detection is your best defense! Walk around your yard daily and visit all of your planting beds, so if a problem does pop up, you’ll notice it from the start so you can take quick action.
Not sure what’s “bugging” your plants? Collect a sample of your damaged species and contact your local Cooperative Extension office or garden center for assistance.
Be especially on the lookout for the following garden nuisances:

Mosquitoes. They’re typically most active at dawn and dusk.
Chinch bugs in lawns. Damage is usually greatest during hot, dry weather and normally first noticed in sunny locations.
Aphids. Typically found feeding on new, tender plant growth.
Black spot on roses. Ideal conditions for this leaf disease include high humidity, prolonged wet foliage and air temperatures between 75-85 degrees F.
Powdery mildew on ornamentals. This garden nuisance adores high humidity and excess moisture.
Brown rot on peaches, cherries and plums. Ideal weather conditions for this spoiler include prolonged wet foliage and air temperatures between 60-70 degrees F.

Remember that not all bugs are bad. One good guy that makes its presence known in the evening is the lightning bug. Stop to enjoy the twinkling spectacular!


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