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It's confirmed, coconut husk seed starters are a bust

 Note  •  Published on: 22 May 2015

As a test I carefully broke apart the husks the tiny sprouts were in exposing their puny root and replanted in dirt in one pot.  The other pot I left alone.  The pot with the freed plants has taken off.  The one still trapped in coconut has one plant barely hanging on and two have died.  Coconut husks are not a good way to start tomato seeds!

Noticing my old zucchini leaves are yellow.  Going to try fertilizing with 10/10/10.  Worked good for the tomatoes.  They are taking off.  Think I will give the peppers and eggplants a shot too.

Note to self, never plant carrots wearing gloves.  Got a mess that I can't seem to thin.  We'll see if I get any viable carrots.  Learning.  Meh.


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