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Usa B.

Garden of Love

 Blog  •  Published on: 15 May 2015

Next round of blooms.  Azaleas are fading but the roses, peonies and clematis are blooming.  The Tiffany rose was tranplanted from Grandma's garden.  The big Hosta was split and given to me by my patient.  Theis Clematis is from my friend.  There are more roses in the backyard: red, pink and yellow and more clematis.  Today the backyard is off-limit.  There are 2 baby doves learning to fly.  

Gardening is like your mind.  We need the seeds and labor oflove and patience to grow a beautiful garden and beautiful mind.  Pruning and weeding are necessary.  Take out what is not needed and remove things that will rob you of your energy and cloud your thoughts.  Unwholesome toughts are just like weeds.  They rob you of your nutrients.  Grow the garden of love and kindness and watch beautiful things bloom.  Grow your seeds of love and kindness and watch your mind and brain change for the best.  



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