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  • 17 Nov


    Posted by: Craig M.
    watered all gardens
  • 5 Nov


    Posted by: Craig M.
    mowed lawns
  • 28 Oct


    Posted by: Craig M.
    mowed lawns
  • 13 Oct


    Posted by: Craig M.
    watered all gardens fertilised fruit trees
  • 11 Mar
  • 2018

  • 5 Nov

    Planting and Gathering

    Posted by: Cheryl M.
    05,11,18 Most of the ‘Red Star’ Cordyline that I planted as cuttings have taken and I have started to plant the out either in the garden or in pots for indoors.  Cordyline’s galore about 20 of them!    Not to be out done, the purple climbing beans are producing, could say ‘bucket ...
  • 4 Aug


    Posted by: Chris C.
    Plant broccoli 
  • 22 May

    What is this plant.

    Posted by: Snejina S.
    I hope someone will recognise it!
  • 15 Mar

    Ice-Plant Flowers Trimmed

    Posted by: Roxana
    I trimmed my ice-plant flowers today. I threw the cuttings on the blad areas in order for growth to spread. With the rains this week, nature will most likely do its job.
  • 8 Mar

    any one can help me ?

    Posted by: glen l.
    Can someone tell me the name os this tree . thanks 
  • 9 Jan
  • 2017

  • 21 May

    Tulips are done

    Posted by: Diane R.
    Deadhead tulip flowers and wait six weeks to clip foliage. 
  • 12 May

    Completed 2017

    Posted by: FagensDen
    Dug over main raised beds Cleaned up Polly T
  • 26 Apr


    Posted by: Ian
    Take 6-inch cuttings from semi-mature wood in summer with clean, sterilized pruners. To use the cuttings for the propagation of bottle trees, you need to pinch off the leaves on the lower half of the cutting and remove any flower buds. When you are growing callistemon from cuttings, cover the ...
  • 27 Mar

    My Garden Update

    Posted by: Steven C.
    Update my garden info on Strawberrys Blueberrys Succulents Moss
  • 14 Feb


    Posted by: andy a.
  • 6 Feb

    Gardening on our 5 acres!

    Posted by: Scott M.
    I planted several privet saplings that I collected from my rental and placed them to the south of my yurt on our land. They'll be a good nursery species/pioneer plant/wind break. It will coppice well and the goats will eat them. They are habitat for several species of lepidoptera as well as nectar ...
  • 2016

  • 9 Oct


    Posted by: craig m.
    did watering front garden and fertilized apple tree
  • 4 May

    prova task

    Posted by: pippo m.
    prova task prova taskprova taskprova taskprova taskprova taskprova taskprova task 
  • 24 Apr

    Autumn Is Here...

    Posted by: Dee W.
    Autumn is now nearly at the end of the second month of April, here in the Southern Hemisphere. We have been so lucky to have had warm days, but the nights are becoming chillier, so winter is closer than everyone expected. Tomorrow (Monday), is a holiday here due to the commemoration of our Anzac ...
  • 8 Apr
  • 12 Mar


    Posted by: FagensDen
    Sort all pots Clean back garden Put up polly tunnel cover after wash Dig over raised beds
  • 2015

  • 29 Jul

    Summer Lawn Care

    Posted by: Patrick M.
    Summer is a maintenance season for lawns. If spring lawn care is about getting your lawn healthy and green, summer lawn care is about KEEPING it healthy while temperatures soar and rainfall becomes a fleeting memory. It’s also about maintaining a lawn that can withstand all the barbecues, games, ...
  • 29 Jul

    july to do

    Posted by: Patrick M.
    Trees and Shrubs Prune dead and damaged branches. Remove suckers by yanking downward. Stop pruning flowering shrubs until spring. Nonblooming hedges can be trimmed as needed. Deadhead roses for continued blooming. Apply chelated iron to deficient plants. Stop fertilizing trees and shrubs. ...
  • 29 Jul

    july issues

    Posted by: Patrick M.
    July can be an active month for pest problems and disease issues in the lawn, garden and landscape. Early detection is your best defense! Walk around your yard daily and visit all of your planting beds, so if a problem does pop up, you’ll notice it from the start so you can take quick ...
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