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  • 1 Dec

    Grapes in December

    Posted by: Roxana
    Such a surprise to walk out in the garden for December 1st, and see little grapes growing on the vine! I thought I would have to wait until spring or summer. I hope they make it through the coming winter months, even if our temperature is generally moderate for the winter. 
  • 13 Oct

    Front Yard, Grass Improvement

    Posted by: Roxana
    Last night It rained, thundered, and the sky lite up with lightening! This is so unusual in Southern California. I wonder if we are still in a drought. Perhaps our lawn will be greener before January or February. I was thinking we had to take out the whole lawn area and replace it with red bark ...
  • 26 Sep

    Tomatoes in Autumn

    Posted by: Roxana
    Although our summer tomatoes are gone, this bush seems to have one last harvest! The tomatoes are green thus far, but I hope they ripen. I last counted 25 of them.
  • 20 Sep

    Grape Harvest Coming to an End

    Posted by: Roxana
    We were so very happy with our grapes this year! They were sweet and tender, with a melt in your mouth skin. We will have to get used to store bought grapes again, until we try planting and harvesting grapes again.
  • 15 Sep

    Greener Lawn Days

    Posted by: Roxana
    Red Dog is sitting on our green lawn. We are trying to get this lawn back to greener days after these few years of water rationing and drought in many Southern California cities.
  • 30 Jul

    Grapes in July

    Posted by: Roxana
    These grapes have been ready since mid July. We have been blessed this year with a great crop.
  • 7 Jun

    Grape Ladder Make-Shift Trellis

    Posted by: Roxana
    Here is the ladder my husband put in as a make-shift trellis to allow the grapes to have a wider span. (Also to not interude on the neighbor's fence.) Thus far, this seems to be working. 
  • 24 May

    Jasmine Everywhere!

    Posted by: Roxana
    This time of year, we are seeing our jasmine thrive! It smells wondeful, especially in the early evening.
  • 14 May

    What is this plant?

    Posted by: Stephanie M.
    PLEASE HELP! I have taken this pic and an actual leaf to multiple garden centers. No one can give me an answer.
  • 30 Apr

    what is this plant?

    Posted by: Elizabeth K.
    I have recently moved into a home that has plants unusual for our area (upper midwest, USA). This plant is near the house foundation. The feathery leaves are very soft, not stiff like a pine needle. Any ideas what it is? The snow is mostly gone here on 4/30/2018.  Uncertain how the center buds ...
  • 24 Apr

    New Orchid Bulbs

    Posted by: Roxana
    I have noticed this past week that I have two more new orchid bulbs! This will be the third year these orchids keep producing. 
  • 24 Apr

    Yellow Crooked Squash First Flower

    Posted by: Roxana
    I am so happy to see the first flower growth on the crooked yellow squash. We bought the plant from a garden center about two weeks ago and planted it in our back yard garden.
  • 22 Apr

    Collard Greens in the Crock Pot Stew

    Posted by: Roxana
    Just harvested some of our collard greens. We cooked a stew of red beans and ham in the crock pot and added cut-up pieces of the greens to the stew the last two hours of cooking time. It worked out great! Next time we might try doing it with kale. We are trying to develop some better eating ...
  • 20 Apr

    New Entrance to Our Garden: Garden Owl

    Posted by: Roxana
    We added an owl to our garden entrance cicular sign blocks.
  • 18 Apr

    Fruitless Tangerine Tree Intertwining with California Lilac Bush

    Posted by: Roxana
    All these bees are buzzing around the tangerine tree, now that the lilac bush is close by-- swarming with bees. Could this help pollinate our tangerine tree?
  • 16 Apr

    Tiny Grapes Growing Close Up

    Posted by: Roxana
    Our tiny grapes are progressing nicely. 
  • 16 Apr

    Lizard Garden in an Empty Pot

    Posted by: Roxana
    This is a cute picture of a lizard in our garden sunning himself in an empty pot.
  • 7 Apr

    Crooked Neck Squash

    Posted by: Roxana
    We planted this crooked neck squash this week. We hope that it yields a good crop with the recent onset of some rains.
  • 6 Apr

    New Crops Under the Grapevine

    Posted by: Roxana
    We planted new crops under the grape vine a few days ago. The new crops are: peppers, tomatoes, crookneck squash, and zucchi. We hope that our weather becomes more moderate, with less drought. Perhaps we will get a sprinkle of rain here and there. This should produce a better crop for this year.
  • 5 Apr

    Grapes Cluster's Tiny Grapes Forming

    Posted by: Roxana
    This is a better close up of our grape vine's new crop of grapes.  The tiny grapes are beginning to grow.There are a bunch of clusters throughout the vine! We are so very pleased.
  • 29 Mar

    Close- Up of Grape Cluster

    Posted by: Roxana
    The is is close-up of the new life from our two year old grape vine. It has many tiny grape clusters beginning to form. This is good news, since last year we only had one grape bunch on the whole tree. This year we have had more rain, thus our drought might have officially ended here in Southern ...
  • 22 Mar

    Grape Vine-New Growth for Spring

    Posted by: Roxana
    This is our grape vine from last year. Now it has new growth for this season.
  • 15 Mar

    Orchid Buds Bloom

    Posted by: Roxana
    This orchid plant was a gift two years ago. Now it has fully bloomed a third time. It is fun to watch day by day its progress, especially noting the beautiful color designs.
  • 17 Feb

    Cassia Desert Plant

    Posted by: Roxana
    Looks like our Cassia desert plant is blooming again. It has very nice bright- yellow colored flowers.
  • 10 Feb

    Up Close Backyard Tree Leaves and Bark

    Posted by: Roxana
    This is a close up of how dense some of our trees have gotten in our backyard. I think the tree on the right is a tabacco trees, however it is not the scientific name for it.I just looked it up, and it is the nicotiana glauca tree.
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