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  • 24 Feb

    What to focus on when planning your planting scheme?

    Posted by: Ena R.
    Lucky for us here in Ireland our temperate climate allows us to grow plants from almost every part of the globe.  Hence, my interest in Peter Fudge a well known garden designer based in Australia.  I recently read this article and was inspired by Peter's top trios, planted in his own garden ...
  • 2016

  • 8 Oct

    Space, Rhubarb, Rhododendrons and I Told You So.!

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Today, the big guy played barber to both Buddy and Blossom. Buddy got the short back and sides and Blossom got a buzzcut. Soon it will be Connie's turn, but I'd rather deal with the space issues we seem to have first. The rhubarb went completely mad, and despite only having two plants, they both ...
  • 23 Sep

    Theo Herbots TV

    Posted by: Theo H.
    New Theo Herbots TV Visit the site and join this unique TV station informed to stay in a special way. Sincerely Theo Herbots ??click here ?
  • 9 Sep

    Regarding Free Peppermint Seeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Hey Everyone, Upon Researching the subject of Mints, inspired by MJ and her knowledge, I realized that my Peppermint plants are in fact Spearmint. I was a little upset that my local farmers market person told me that it was Peppermint. I assumed it was. Spearmint has a lot of the same qualities as ...
  • 4 Sep

    Free Seeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Free Seeds I have so many real Peppermint seeds if anyone would like some. I plan on selling them, but anyone on this awesome site can get some for free. Just my way of spreading cheer. Peppermint Plants are wonderful for lots of uses. Tea, is what I use it for, fresh and dried. I add it to my ...
  • 4 Sep

    Great ways to Preserve Your Garden By Freezing Complete Meals In A Bag

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Just published an article for folks who want to freeze their homegrown food.  Many ways to conserve time and have more time for more important tasks, like enjoying the scenery. Freeze your homegrown food in a meal bag ready to cook. My new article Crock Pot Freezer ...
  • 20 Aug

    So many unknown flowers...

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    The mysterious flower sachet that we received through the post some months ago has produced some real beauties, none of which we had even the first clue about. Thanks to this site, I discovered most of the small colourful ones were Linaria and with the help of Google figured out that there were ...
  • 20 Aug

    Edible Weeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Hey Everyone, Just finished an article about Edible Weeds. Lots of information about growing, preserving, saving money, organic, chemical free, preservative limiting, preparing your soil, saving seeds and much more. Please ...
  • 31 Jul

    Dipladenia Sanderi "Sundaville Red"

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Yesterday, we went to the local "specialist" garden store to find the necessary equipment to keep 'Bob', the phalaenopsis Orchid from keeling over and dying, after spending a week in potting soil. :O Thankfully, he's a brave boy and didn't seem unduly worried that his new owners tried to suffocate ...
  • 22 Jul

    The Hibiscus tree has bloomed.! :D

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    I've been waiting since we bought the tree from the local garden centre to see what colour the blooms would be. There's a pink hibiscus growing wild at the bottom of the road next to ours.. but so far this year it hasn't bloomed, although it does have small buds showing.. so I'm really pleased that ...
  • 3 Jul

    Buddy Jr., Blossom and the HUGE Storm.

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    As if my poor buddleia's haven't been through enough.. with frost bite, bug invasions and children. The tail-end of the HUGE storm to hit the Netherlands 2 weeks ago almost did for them both. Poor Buddy Jr. the tall 'Black Knight' was left uprooted and smashed by jet powered rain and gale force ...
  • 23 Jun

    Crabby Concha

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    The Ceanothus 'Concha' I named 'Connie' is sulking, and I can't say I blame her. After making it known she had had more than enough to drink, thank you VERY much, by turning her tiny green leaves yellow and brown, and throwing a few around in a temper, she then endured nearly two weeks of constant ...
  • 2 Jun

    Gardeners World 2015

    Posted by: Adi G.
    At Longmeadow, Monty Don breaks ground for his new pond, and Carol Klein pays Geoff and Sally Davis another visit in their Somerset garden. Their overgrown shrubs are in need of a jolly good haircut, but they haven't a clue where to ...
  • 20 May


    Posted by: Adi G.
    Best gardening show (and you know the name so dont ask)
  • 19 May

    Gardening Videos on this blog

    Posted by: Adi G.
    Gardening Videos on this blog :
  • 26 Apr


    Posted by: Theo H.
    Due to the enormous success of my message Permaculture and combined cultivation, I decided to make a Blog Site exclusively Permaculture with numerous texts (which can be translated into several languages), video in Dutch, French, English. Numerous reports and much more. It is even possible to ...
  • 10 Apr

    "Urban" Vegetable garden.

    Posted by: Tiago P.
    Started in 2015 the project of a "urban" Vegetable garden. Aim of reusing all day to day stuff in the garden. This is the progress so far.  
  • 2015

  • 19 Nov


    Posted by: Cazz M.
    Have been waiting for nearly three years for my neighbours to put up a new fence so finally put up a temporary pane to cover the view of their door but the wind blew it down, now have to think of something else.????
  • 2 Oct

    Install new plants

    Posted by: Fran F.
    October 2 2015 freeman installed two black hills spruce and two Japanese lilacs on the berm along with four dwarf Korean lilacs and two gold cypress.  Abies Comcolor fir on left side of the back, three Island Spice Viburnum in the NW corner, two Quickfire Hydrangeas in the center, and two ...
  • 23 Aug

    Water Hemlock v.s. Carrot

    Posted by: Alex T.
    In my town, there is a lot of Queen Anne's lace, which is the flower of wild, edible carrots. You will find it up and down highway 280 right next to the road. Now, right in front of my local Walmart, there is a plant that is done blooming and looks different up close. That is water hemlock, which ...
  • 16 Jul

    how to

    Posted by: daria m.
  • 3 Jun

    Perennial border

    Posted by: John H.
    I bought a small ranch home recently and it has a very nice perenial border around the patio. I have been trying to identify the plants so I can care for them properly. I was able to look up a few but need some help with the others and was hoping that the Plantifier application would help.
  • 23 May

    May 2015

    Posted by: Deneece L.
    All the vegetables and herbs are up and growing fine.  The bush beans have finally broken ground, the lettuce and cucumbers started from seed, didn't do as well.  So I will find something else to plant in it's place.  The Collard and Mustard greens are up and doing really well.  Chives are ...