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  • 13 Jun


    Posted by: Roxana
    Hope these little newly lettuce heads grow bigger. 
  • 2 Jun

    Connie Triumphant

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Connie's blooming.!!!! \o/ After almost being dug up, because she was more brown and crispy than green, and we thought she was on her way to 'Concha heaven', Connie has fought back valiantly, and is now starting to bloom. Her trunk was going from green/brown to grey, and all her lower green leaves ...
  • 28 May


    Posted by: Elizabeth C.
    What disease is this
  • 27 May
  • 11 May

    Connie's Fighting Back

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    After seeing how rapidly the brown is spreading through Connie's branches and leaves, with the newly sprouting leaves turning brown and dying, I decided to dig her up. This morning when I went out to finish yesterday's weeding, I took another look at Connie, and noticed that where the new grown ...
  • 8 May

    R. I. P. Daphne

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Poor Daphne, the salix Hakuro Nishiki, has been dug up after starting to die, back in July last year. We left her, hoping she'd make a comeback this Spring, but she hasn't. She has been here longer than most of the residents, having been planted nearly 18 years ago. How on earth she managed to ...
  • 8 May

    Completely Useless

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Now that I've discovered the soil in my garden is completely useless for growing everything that I wanted to grow in it, I'm going to have to change tactics. It explains why Connie is dying, the rhododendron died within weeks, and the laurel bush didn't stand a chance. We can't afford to put all ...
  • 5 May

    Photo s

    Posted by: Jeanine S.
    Does somebody know why my photo s are always upside down ??
  • 2 May

    #2, Dipladenia Sanderi "Sundaville Red"

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    The beautiful red vine we bought last Spring died 2 weeks before it was warm enough to go back outside on the patio. I am giving up on house plants. I was never that good at keeping them alive, no matter how much I nourished and nurtured them, or not, depending on the given instructions. Again, I ...
  • 2 May

    Something's wrong with Connie

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Having survived a very wet Winter, and the minus degree frosts we've had during the past 3 months, Connie started to exhibit signs of regrowth, tiny little green buds and the first peeks of new leaves were seen, and then suddenly she started to turn brown. We have no idea what is wrong, or how to ...
  • 20 Apr

    Grape Vine 2

    Posted by: Roxana
    The grape tree is growing bigger and bigger. It has the tiny beginnings of little grapes on it.  After a couple of months, the grape vine is getting bigger. 
  • 6 Apr


    Posted by: Roxana
    I need to get out there and weed those berry plants! The grape plant was weeded yesterday.
  • 30 Mar

    Golden Raspberry and Blackberry plants

    Posted by: Roxana
    We just put some used coffee grounds around these plants. Perhaps this would help protect the plants from snails.
  • 17 Mar

    Starting up the garden

    Posted by: Jeanine S.
    Yesterday was a fantastic day. Everything is starting to bloom : hyacint, the bulbs, crocus, clivia etc Mulching, taking away the winter beds, feeding, pruning the roses......
  • 12 Mar

    California Lilac Blooming

    Posted by: Roxana
    This beautiful California lilac has really started to bloom this year. It was most likely because of our recent rains. I hope that we are not in a drought still. We have had a rationed schedule of what days and times we can water our lawns in this city.
  • 3 Mar

    Blackberry Bush

    Posted by: Roxana
    We planted our blackberry bush on Feb. 13, 2017.  We plan to water it twice a week, unless it rains more frequently. 
  • 24 Feb

    What to focus on when planning your planting scheme?

    Posted by: Ena R.
    Lucky for us here in Ireland our temperate climate allows us to grow plants from almost every part of the globe.  Hence, my interest in Peter Fudge a well known garden designer based in Australia.  I recently read this article and was inspired by Peter's top trios, planted in his own garden ...
  • 2016

  • 8 Oct

    Space, Rhubarb, Rhododendrons and I Told You So.!

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Today, the big guy played barber to both Buddy and Blossom. Buddy got the short back and sides and Blossom got a buzzcut. Soon it will be Connie's turn, but I'd rather deal with the space issues we seem to have first. The rhubarb went completely mad, and despite only having two plants, they both ...
  • 23 Sep

    Theo Herbots TV

    Posted by: Theo H.
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  • 9 Sep

    Regarding Free Peppermint Seeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Hey Everyone, Upon Researching the subject of Mints, inspired by MJ and her knowledge, I realized that my Peppermint plants are in fact Spearmint. I was a little upset that my local farmers market person told me that it was Peppermint. I assumed it was. Spearmint has a lot of the same qualities as ...
  • 4 Sep

    Free Seeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Free Seeds I have so many real Peppermint seeds if anyone would like some. I plan on selling them, but anyone on this awesome site can get some for free. Just my way of spreading cheer. Peppermint Plants are wonderful for lots of uses. Tea, is what I use it for, fresh and dried. I add it to my ...
  • 4 Sep

    Great ways to Preserve Your Garden By Freezing Complete Meals In A Bag

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Just published an article for folks who want to freeze their homegrown food. http://bountifulharvesting.com.  Many ways to conserve time and have more time for more important tasks, like enjoying the scenery. Freeze your homegrown food in a meal bag ready to cook. My new article Crock Pot Freezer ...
  • 20 Aug

    So many unknown flowers...

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    The mysterious flower sachet that we received through the post some months ago has produced some real beauties, none of which we had even the first clue about. Thanks to this site, I discovered most of the small colourful ones were Linaria and with the help of Google figured out that there were ...
  • 20 Aug

    Edible Weeds

    Posted by: kitty c.
    Hey Everyone, Just finished an article about Edible Weeds. http://bountifulharvesting.com/index.php/2016/08/19/edible-weedsbenefits/ Lots of information about growing, preserving, saving money, organic, chemical free, preservative limiting, preparing your soil, saving seeds and much more. Please ...
  • 31 Jul

    Dipladenia Sanderi "Sundaville Red"

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Yesterday, we went to the local "specialist" garden store to find the necessary equipment to keep 'Bob', the phalaenopsis Orchid from keeling over and dying, after spending a week in potting soil. :O Thankfully, he's a brave boy and didn't seem unduly worried that his new owners tried to suffocate ...