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  • 19 May

    Gardening Videos on this blog

    Posted by: Adi G.
    Gardening Videos on this blog :
  • 26 Apr


    Posted by: Theo H.
    Due to the enormous success of my message Permaculture and combined cultivation, I decided to make a Blog Site exclusively Permaculture with numerous texts (which can be translated into several languages), video in Dutch, French, English. Numerous reports and much more. It is even possible to ...
  • 10 Apr

    "Urban" Vegetable garden.

    Posted by: Tiago P.
    Started in 2015 the project of a "urban" Vegetable garden. Aim of reusing all day to day stuff in the garden. This is the progress so far.  
  • 2015

  • 19 Nov


    Posted by: Cazz M.
    Have been waiting for nearly three years for my neighbours to put up a new fence so finally put up a temporary pane to cover the view of their door but the wind blew it down, now have to think of something else.????
  • 2 Oct

    Install new plants

    Posted by: Fran F.
    October 2 2015 freeman installed two black hills spruce and two Japanese lilacs on the berm along with four dwarf Korean lilacs and two gold cypress.  Abies Comcolor fir on left side of the back, three Island Spice Viburnum in the NW corner, two Quickfire Hydrangeas in the center, and two ...
  • 23 Aug

    Water Hemlock v.s. Carrot

    Posted by: Alex T.
    In my town, there is a lot of Queen Anne's lace, which is the flower of wild, edible carrots. You will find it up and down highway 280 right next to the road. Now, right in front of my local Walmart, there is a plant that is done blooming and looks different up close. That is water hemlock, which ...
  • 16 Jul

    how to

    Posted by: daria m.
  • 3 Jun

    Perennial border

    Posted by: John H.
    I bought a small ranch home recently and it has a very nice perenial border around the patio. I have been trying to identify the plants so I can care for them properly. I was able to look up a few but need some help with the others and was hoping that the Plantifier application would help.
  • 23 May

    May 2015

    Posted by: Deneece L.
    All the vegetables and herbs are up and growing fine.  The bush beans have finally broken ground, the lettuce and cucumbers started from seed, didn't do as well.  So I will find something else to plant in it's place.  The Collard and Mustard greens are up and doing really well.  Chives are ...
  • 18 May

    help sugar ants everywhere

    Posted by: Clarice C.
    I can not get rid of these sugar ants that are plaguing my garden plants. I have tried DE, molasses, citrus oil, peppermint oil, garlic leper tea! Nothing is getting rid of them.
  • 15 May

    Garden of Love

    Posted by: Usa B.
    Next round of blooms.  Azaleas are fading but the roses, peonies and clematis are blooming.  The Tiffany rose was tranplanted from Grandma's garden.  The big Hosta was split and given to me by my patient.  Theis Clematis is from my friend.  There are more roses in the backyard: red, pink and ...
  • 1 May

    New Deck

    Posted by: Usa B.
    The deck is finally done.  It was meant to be a fire-escape for my husband.  Carlos had turned it into a mini-deck.  I love it!!   I put up the mini gazebo with fabric roof that can block 95% UV light.  The deck is perfect for all of us: me, my husband, my dogs.  Noi can see the plants from ...
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