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  • 27 Feb

    Four Ways to Improve Your Vineyard's Soil

    Posted by: Jessica M.
    Certified organic vineyards depend on fertile soils. Optimal soil conditions prevent disease, improve grape flavor and quality, and mitigate drought and other problematic weather conditions. Whether your vineyard is decades old, generations-old or just starting out, here are a few ways you can ...
  • 25 Jan

    How to care your spirea bush

    Posted by: Alberto L.
    Spiraea belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is native to the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. It comprises about 100 species. Some species of this genus are: Spiraea cantoniensis, Spiraea arguta, Spiraea prunifolia, Spiraea japonica, Spiraea salicifolia, Spiraea acuminata, Spiraea x ...
  • 20 Jan
  • 2019

  • 15 Sep

    How tall does photinia red robin grow?

    Posted by: Alberto L.
    If we begin to enumerate the bushes most popularly used in gardens around the world, the Photinia will surely come to our head, and among the large number of variances we will think of the Photinia Red Robin. Its great particularity compared to the other varieties of Photinias is that their leaves ...
  • 11 Jul

    The Lone Cherry

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    We appear to have an unexpected ability to grow fruit... thankfully, because we can't grow anything else effectively. This season we have been blessed with 1.5kg of gooseberries, 400g of blackcurrants, a cherry and a handful of raspberries. The blackberry bush is flowering, so we may yet see a few ...
  • 25 Mar

    Forever fruit.... apparently

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    We actually managed to grow a few swedes this season.. that looked like swedes too, despite the slug's best efforts. Yay.! :) We've given up on the 'pretties' as 1) our soil is totally rubbish being mostly construction site sand and debris.. and 2) we get invaded by slugs and snails every time it ...
  • 2018

  • 26 Oct


    Posted by: Little L.
    I don't know how to use this site properly but I need to go ahead and document this before I forget and just give up on it all together.  Yea I know...my brain is just messy and out of control. Rainy afternoon walk to Whitley's florist was amazing.  I stumbled upon a great place to acquire ...
  • 3 Jun

    Just starting

    Posted by: Amy F.
    I know next to nothing about plants.  I never really had much of an interest, the garden was always my Dad's domain, but recently I've been diagnosed with a mobility disorder.  Certain tasks are very difficult and there is no cure- the only thing that might help is certain "low impact" exercises. ...
  • 29 Apr
  • 16 Apr

    Spring Update: Losses and new additions

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    After a mild Winter, and the beginning of a somewhat conservative Spring, we took stock of the garden babies, and went to see what had survived and what had not. The patio tubs had been kept on the patio, but moved under the porch, so the worst of the weather (and the frost) could not touch them. ...
  • 9 Mar

    How to do a Garden Makeover in Just One Day?

    Posted by: Elisha M.
    Bored of the old looks of your yard and garden? You always wish to do some change and make it look beautiful? But still you have one problem and that is you don’t have so much of time to do all these things. With all your work at the office and all the household chores, it is really hard to find ...
  • 2017

  • 20 Oct

    Supporting Buddy Jr.

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Buddy Jr.'s gotten so big now, almost topping 11 feet high, and about 6 feet across, that the wind uses him like a battering ram. A recent spate of high winds thanks to the last vestiges of Hurricane Erma, have left him bent so far forward he 's over shadowing the new berry bushes, and stopping ...
  • 29 Sep

    We love autumn

    Posted by: Wim L.
    Living in an area where you still have 4 real seasons is just amazing. Autumn is my favorite one, it is so so pretty :-)  Greetings from the French Southern Alps.
  • 16 Aug

    We lost the battle. :'(

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Connie has died. :'( Despite our best efforts to keep her healthy and growing, we lost the battle. The torrential rain washed all nutrients out of the soil faster than we could replenish them. We've put compost down, nutrient enriched soil, mulch and plant food mixed with water, we even put a ...
  • 4 Aug

    Our Biggest Enemy

    Posted by: Garden L.
    Aphids ( at least 3 difeerent kinds ) and Snails!!!! Have to bring wepons to the field. Luckily there organic and wont damage the plants. Diluted vinegar repels most of the anoying bugs that try to eat our plants from our herbs to our vegeis. We were told that if we spread cumin (a spice) diluted ...
  • 21 Jul

    Freesia Adventure

    Posted by: Cindy H.
    I love the look and smell of Freesias. I have planted Freesia for many, many years in Central Ontario, Canada and not had any success.  I moved up to Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (known as Cottage Country about 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario).  Planted my Freesia bulbs in a couple of pots and ...
  • 30 Jun

    Looking forward to our Open Garden this December (2017)

    Posted by: Judy S.
    check out our Web site at www.itchypalmsgardens.weebly.com
  • 20 Jun
  • 14 Jun

    Hydrangea Blooms Again

    Posted by: Roxana
    Our hydrangea bloomed again this year. It is so beautiful and full, just like a year ago. 
  • 13 Jun

    Chard and Kale

    Posted by: Roxana
    My husband planted these the chard and kale plants yesterday. We hope that they are in a very good spot.
  • 13 Jun


    Posted by: Roxana
    Hope these little newly lettuce heads grow bigger. 
  • 13 Jun


    Posted by: Roxana
    Hope these little newly lettuce heads grow bigger. 
  • 2 Jun

    Connie Triumphant

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    Connie's blooming.!!!! \o/ After almost being dug up, because she was more brown and crispy than green, and we thought she was on her way to 'Concha heaven', Connie has fought back valiantly, and is now starting to bloom. Her trunk was going from green/brown to grey, and all her lower green leaves ...
  • 28 May


    Posted by: Elizabeth C.
    What disease is this
  • 27 May