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  • 13 Oct


    Posted by: Craig M.
    watered all gardens fertilised fruit trees
  • 15 Sep

    How tall does photinia red robin grow?

    Posted by: Alberto L.
    If we begin to enumerate the bushes most popularly used in gardens around the world, the Photinia will surely come to our head, and among the large number of variances we will think of the Photinia Red Robin. Its great particularity compared to the other varieties of Photinias is that their leaves ...
  • 13 Aug

    New plant

    Posted by: Eugenia R.
    Spindle "Harlequin"
  • 13 Aug

    New plants

    Posted by: Eugenia R.
    Fuchsia "Alice Hoffman"
  • 12 Aug

    new plants

    Posted by: Eugenia R.
    Today I have planted Pheonix Canariensis (Canary Islands date palm tree) and couple of mini Cyclamens in my front garden.
  • 3 Aug

    Grapes in August, 2019

    Posted by: Roxana
    Our grapes are turning from green to red. In a week or two I think we will be enjoying them for dessert.
  • 26 Jul

    My plants

    Posted by: Kirsty H.
    Gaura lindheimeri'Whirling Butterflies' Geranium sanguineum var. striatum Delphinium pacific giant ‘Galahad’
  • 11 Jul

    The Lone Cherry

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    We appear to have an unexpected ability to grow fruit... thankfully, because we can't grow anything else effectively. This season we have been blessed with 1.5kg of gooseberries, 400g of blackcurrants, a cherry and a handful of raspberries. The blackberry bush is flowering, so we may yet see a few ...
  • 9 Jun


    Posted by: Craig M.
    orchid has two flower spikes
  • 30 May

    Grape clusters for May 30, 2019

    Posted by: Roxana
    So far, our grapes are progressing nicely. This is a picture of our grape clusters for May 30, 2019. We did cut a few clusters horizontally at the ends, because we read that this would yield stronger, bigger grapes. We left most of the grapes uncut, as the picture posted. By late July or August, I ...
  • 29 Apr

    shrub i like

    Posted by: Patrick M.
    Emerald 'n Gold Wintercreeper Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald 'n Gold'
  • 29 Apr

    Plants liked

    Posted by: Patrick M.
    Blue Balloon® Bluebeard Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Korball'
  • 21 Apr

    Grapes, April 20th

    Posted by: Roxana
    Our grapes are back! We hope they make it through the summer for harvest. We had a lot of rain this year for January and February. Maybe this will make a nice difference.
  • 25 Mar

    Forever fruit.... apparently

    Posted by: Alexa A.
    We actually managed to grow a few swedes this season.. that looked like swedes too, despite the slug's best efforts. Yay.! :) We've given up on the 'pretties' as 1) our soil is totally rubbish being mostly construction site sand and debris.. and 2) we get invaded by slugs and snails every time it ...
  • 12 Mar
  • 11 Mar

    front yard

    Posted by: Leanna A.
    Front yard in Lewisville took four and a half bags of red mulch and added some to the side.
  • 11 Mar
  • 26 Feb

    Spring is Coming

    Posted by: Roxana
    Spring is coming. Our annual flowers keep blooming. They are a happy sign for us. A friend gave me these about 7-8 years ago and they still look beautiful every spring.
  • 2 Feb

    February 2019 Lawn

    Posted by: Roxana
    Here's how our lawn looks like this February. It has gotten much greener, because of the recent rains in December and January. It still has some patches of brown dirt. Hopefully, I can cultivate the lawn with some grass seed or patches of grass sod. Obviously, our drought has ended for this year. 
  • 1 Feb
  • 17 Jan

    Oranges in Mid-January, 2019

    Posted by: Roxana
    This is our orange tree. Fianlly, I have been watering a bit more, thus the fruit hasn't split down the middle. It also seems that the drought must definitely be over in Southern Califonria. This has helped all of the struggling plants and grass. Actually, this whole week has been very rainy.
  • 2018

  • 1 Dec

    Grapes in December

    Posted by: Roxana
    Such a surprise to walk out in the garden for December 1st, and see little grapes growing on the vine! I thought I would have to wait until spring or summer. I hope they make it through the coming winter months, even if our temperature is generally moderate for the winter. 
  • 5 Nov

    Planting and Gathering

    Posted by: Cheryl M.
    05,11,18 Most of the ‘Red Star’ Cordyline that I planted as cuttings have taken and I have started to plant the out either in the garden or in pots for indoors.  Cordyline’s galore about 20 of them!    Not to be out done, the purple climbing beans are producing, could say ‘bucket ...
  • 26 Oct


    Posted by: Little L.
    I don't know how to use this site properly but I need to go ahead and document this before I forget and just give up on it all together.  Yea I brain is just messy and out of control. Rainy afternoon walk to Whitley's florist was amazing.  I stumbled upon a great place to acquire ...
  • 13 Oct

    Front Yard, Grass Improvement

    Posted by: Roxana
    Last night It rained, thundered, and the sky lite up with lightening! This is so unusual in Southern California. I wonder if we are still in a drought. Perhaps our lawn will be greener before January or February. I was thinking we had to take out the whole lawn area and replace it with red bark ...
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