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  • 4 Jun


    We just planted this basil a few weeks ago from a starter plant. It is growing so quickly! We have used it already for a spring bsail-tomato pasta dish. We made the dish with this basil and also a lemon basil in our garden. This is a very useful spice. It should be a great, healthy investment from ...
  • 27 May

    Orchids in Bloom for Spring

    It's always nice to welcome these orchids every spring. 
  • 2021

  • 27 Aug

    Grapes for Dessert

    These grapes are for dessert. I will chill them. There are lots more hidden in the vine. they are seedless,  sweet, juicy, and with a very soft skin.
  • 27 Aug

    Grapes August 2021

    Our grape vine is doing well again. Many grape clusters are hidden under the leaf coverings.
  • 8 Feb

    Succulent Flowers

    This is a sample of  the Agave aka foxtail agave "flowering truck" flower. The scientific name is "attenuata".
  • 5 Jan

    Winter Next in tangerine tree

    We found this abbandoned  bird nest in our front yard's tangerine tree. It was found in late December.
  • 2020

  • 1 Jul

    Grapes Glowing

    OUr grapes are getting bigger and have a bit of a blush and glow. The picture was taken on June 30th, 2020
  • 9 Mar

    Garden Grape Vine- New Grape Leaves for an Early Spring

    These new grape leaves are growing on last year's grape vine. I hope that  we get a wonderful grape yield again this year. The picture was taken in early March.
  • 5 Mar

    Garden Rosemary and Lavender

    Our back garden is doing better since we have had more rain this past fall and winter.  I also like the little red clay chimney. It actually works too.
  • 2019

  • 3 Aug

    Grapes in August, 2019

    Our grapes are turning from green to red. In a week or two I think we will be enjoying them for dessert.
  • 30 May

    Grape clusters for May 30, 2019

    So far, our grapes are progressing nicely. This is a picture of our grape clusters for May 30, 2019. We did cut a few clusters horizontally at the ends, because we read that this would yield stronger, bigger grapes. We left most of the grapes uncut, as the picture posted. By late July or August, I ...
  • 21 Apr

    Grapes, April 20th

    Our grapes are back! We hope they make it through the summer for harvest. We had a lot of rain this year for January and February. Maybe this will make a nice difference.
  • 26 Feb

    Spring is Coming

    Spring is coming. Our annual flowers keep blooming. They are a happy sign for us. A friend gave me these about 7-8 years ago and they still look beautiful every spring.
  • 2 Feb

    February 2019 Lawn

    Here's how our lawn looks like this February. It has gotten much greener, because of the recent rains in December and January. It still has some patches of brown dirt. Hopefully, I can cultivate the lawn with some grass seed or patches of grass sod. Obviously, our drought has ended for this year. 
  • 17 Jan

    Oranges in Mid-January, 2019

    This is our orange tree. Fianlly, I have been watering a bit more, thus the fruit hasn't split down the middle. It also seems that the drought must definitely be over in Southern Califonria. This has helped all of the struggling plants and grass. Actually, this whole week has been very rainy.
  • 2018

  • 1 Dec

    Grapes in December

    Such a surprise to walk out in the garden for December 1st, and see little grapes growing on the vine! I thought I would have to wait until spring or summer. I hope they make it through the coming winter months, even if our temperature is generally moderate for the winter. 
  • 13 Oct

    Front Yard, Grass Improvement

    Last night It rained, thundered, and the sky lite up with lightening! This is so unusual in Southern California. I wonder if we are still in a drought. Perhaps our lawn will be greener before January or February. I was thinking we had to take out the whole lawn area and replace it with red bark ...
  • 26 Sep

    Tomatoes in Autumn

    Although our summer tomatoes are gone, this bush seems to have one last harvest! The tomatoes are green thus far, but I hope they ripen. I last counted 25 of them.
  • 20 Sep

    Grape Harvest Coming to an End

    We were so very happy with our grapes this year! They were sweet and tender, with a melt in your mouth skin. We will have to get used to store bought grapes again, until we try planting and harvesting grapes again.
  • 15 Sep

    Greener Lawn Days

    Red Dog is sitting on our green lawn. We are trying to get this lawn back to greener days after these few years of water rationing and drought in many Southern California cities.
  • 30 Jul

    Grapes in July

    These grapes have been ready since mid July. We have been blessed this year with a great crop.
  • 7 Jun

    Grape Ladder Make-Shift Trellis

    Here is the ladder my husband put in as a make-shift trellis to allow the grapes to have a wider span. (Also to not interude on the neighbor's fence.) Thus far, this seems to be working. 
  • 24 May

    Jasmine Everywhere!

    This time of year, we are seeing our jasmine thrive! It smells wondeful, especially in the early evening.
  • 24 Apr

    New Orchid Bulbs

    I have noticed this past week that I have two more new orchid bulbs! This will be the third year these orchids keep producing. 
  • 24 Apr

    Yellow Crooked Squash First Flower

    I am so happy to see the first flower growth on the crooked yellow squash. We bought the plant from a garden center about two weeks ago and planted it in our back yard garden.
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