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  • 17 Jul

    Backyard July 2017

    Finally, our violet flowers are coming back to life. Sadly, last year they were doing much better. 
  • 17 Jul

    Backyard July 2017

    Finally, our violet flowers are coming back to life. Sadly, last year they were doing much better. 
  • 8 Jul

    Grapes Changing Color

    Our one cluster of grapes on this vine are finally changing color.
  • 3 Jul

    Tomato Plant Replanted in Pot

    I decided to replant my tomato plant surviving only in water, to a pot with good soil. I put the pot in a shady-sunny place. I hope it grows as well as when it was simply in a vase of water.
  • 29 Jun

    Tomato Injured Plant

    I saw a "weed" looking plant inside the rosemary area and pulled it. I then noticed the leaves and smelled them. I believe I pulled it by mistake. I think it was a tomato plant. (Hlow did it get there?) I put the stem in a vase of water, then 3-4 days later, I had many little, white roots and ...
  • 27 Jun

    Mint Plants Moved to a Shady Area

    I had to move our two mint plant trays because they were drying out. I moved them yesterday, to a shadier part of the backyard. I hope they start doing better. The weather in Southern California has been in the 90's for several days.
  • 24 Jun

    Dichondra Climbing Plant

    This pretty dichondra plant will be fun to watch as it grows down and becomes longer. We bought it two weeks ago. In the background is our lavender.
  • 24 Jun

    Collards and Fennel

    The collards have been planted, but snails seem to like eating them. The fennel is newly planted. It is annaise. It can be used when making some desserts. Can't wait until we get annaise seeds to expriment with their usage.
  • 23 Jun

    Cactus Plant-Over Watered

    We overwatered this cactus, as a result, some of the leaves fell off into the middle of the plant. We will back-off watering it this week.
  • 20 Jun

    Saguro Tree "fruit" close-up

    Here are some close-ups of its fruit. 
  • 20 Jun

    Saguro Tree Fruits

    Our saguro tree is getting fruits. The tree gets more twisted with age. 
  • 17 Jun

    Summer Toast-Bruchetta

    I just used some fresh basil from my yard. I also have tomatoes ripening. I forgot to buy frozen pizza for Friday, thus I combined some sour-dough bread, brushed it with olive oil, then topped the bread with diced tomatoes,  diced onions onions, cut-up basil, grated parmasan cheese and a sprinkle ...
  • 14 Jun

    Hydrangea Blooms Again

    Our hydrangea bloomed again this year. It is so beautiful and full, just like a year ago. 
  • 13 Jun

    Chard and Kale

    My husband planted these the chard and kale plants yesterday. We hope that they are in a very good spot.
  • 13 Jun


    Hope these little newly lettuce heads grow bigger. 
  • 13 Jun


    Hope these little newly lettuce heads grow bigger. 
  • 10 Jun


    I checked on our basil today. It is starting to flower at the top. I'd better pull some leaves off to freeze or dry them. It tastes great in pasta. It also tastes great cut up on a piece of bread, spread with olive oil, sprinkled with dicde roma tomatoes, a little oregano, and parmesan cheese on ...
  • 26 May

    Garden Grapes Growing

    Just noticed our backyard grapes are progressing nicely.
  • 22 May

    Backyard garden

    Today I was trying to revitalize this garden. Our Red Dog peed on the yellow and violet "ice plants" thus some portions of the garden have a few holes. I trimmed the ice plants from the stepping stones and back of the redwood fence and put the trimmings in the holed areas. We will add lots of water ...
  • 11 May

    Garden Flower Vase

    It's nice to put some few plants from our garden in our bedrrom vase. 
  • 9 May

    Garden Backyard South East

    We are growing basil, mint, peppers, and tomatoes in these little planters. The back wall is full of rosemary.
  • 7 May

    Spring Rain

    We had very heavy rain early this morning. It was still dark. The yard will continue to thrive. Perhpas our SoCal drought really is over. It happened again during mid-afternoon today. A huge pourdown of rain came to our area. This is sure strange early May weather!
  • 5 May

    Red Dog in Front Yard

    Here is our Red Dog in the front yard by the garden, sporting his sunglasses. It makes for a happy picture.
  • 29 Apr

    Potato Plant Eaten Up

    Looks like a critter in the night chowed down my potato plants. We all have to eat.
  • 24 Apr

    Garden Welcome Sign

    These are the two cute signs in my garden. The pretty flower sign was made by a student, as a gift to me.