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  • 5 Apr

    Grapes Cluster's Tiny Grapes Forming

    This is a better close up of our grape vine's new crop of grapes.  The tiny grapes are beginning to grow.There are a bunch of clusters throughout the vine! We are so very pleased.
  • 29 Mar

    Close- Up of Grape Cluster

    The is is close-up of the new life from our two year old grape vine. It has many tiny grape clusters beginning to form. This is good news, since last year we only had one grape bunch on the whole tree. This year we have had more rain, thus our drought might have officially ended here in Southern ...
  • 22 Mar

    Grape Vine-New Growth for Spring

    This is our grape vine from last year. Now it has new growth for this season.
  • 15 Mar

    Ice-Plant Flowers Trimmed

    I trimmed my ice-plant flowers today. I threw the cuttings on the blad areas in order for growth to spread. With the rains this week, nature will most likely do its job.
  • 15 Mar

    Orchid Buds Bloom

    This orchid plant was a gift two years ago. Now it has fully bloomed a third time. It is fun to watch day by day its progress, especially noting the beautiful color designs.
  • 17 Feb

    Cassia Desert Plant

    Looks like our Cassia desert plant is blooming again. It has very nice bright- yellow colored flowers.
  • 10 Feb

    Up Close Backyard Tree Leaves and Bark

    This is a close up of how dense some of our trees have gotten in our backyard. I think the tree on the right is a tabacco trees, however it is not the scientific name for it.I just looked it up, and it is the nicotiana glauca tree.
  • 27 Jan

    Beautiful Plant

    This picture was taken at the Safari Park, in Escondido, California. They do have extensive gardens as part of their scenery throughout their animal hibitats. I do not know the name of this plant, however it is beautiful.
  • 19 Jan

    Bamboo House Plant is Doing Well

    This bamboo house plant is doing well. The bottom of the plant is getting new growth. The top is also thriving. The middle of the plant, (not pictured), is leafless. Perhaps with time, it can develop new buds and leaves. The plant is about 10 years old. 
  • 14 Jan

    Cacti Growth

    These cacti are doing really well with very little care. These cacti  are an example of  drought resistent plants here in Southern California. 
  • 2 Jan

    Orchid Has New Buds

    This morning I saw brand new buds on our three year old orchid plant. I am excited to see it develop once again into beautiful orchid flowers!
  • 1 Jan

    Beautiful Hibiscus in Kauii

    This is another beautiful hibiscus growing in Kauii. My back yard does have an orange variety. (Sorry about my mistake on the previous post regarding the flower's location.)
  • 1 Jan

    Hibiscus Plant -Back Yard Garden

    Here is one variety of hibiscus in our back yard garden.
  • 1 Jan

    Winter Grape Trellis

    Our grape trellis is drying up for winter.  Hopefully in the spring, new buds will appear. 
  • 2017

  • 28 Dec

    Rosemary Holiday Basket Centerpiece

    I made a quick holiday centerpiece out of a basket I already had. I went out to my garden, cut some rosemary, and filled the basket with it. Then, I added a few leftover ornaments. Viola, a centerpiece is born.
  • 24 Dec

    Sammy Cat likes the Hibiscus

    Sammy Cat likes the hibiscus plant. We must be careful for him not to eat it, because I read that it is poisonous for cats to eat the flower. My cat is an indoor cat, and  I supervise him carefully when he goes outside in the backyard. Believe it or so, the rescue center where we adopted Sammy has ...
  • 23 Dec

    Hibiscus with a Grasshopper on It

    I like nature, thus I really like the grasshopper that landed on the hibiscus in my back garden. 
  • 23 Dec

    Drought Desert Plant

    It was during Thanksgiving that we were having 90-100 degree weather, and my plant was dying. Yesterday, Dec. 21st, I looked at it and it is thriving again. We are experiencing cooler weather. In the morning it is 45 F. and during mid-day it is about 67-70 F. What a difference! Our plants don't ...
  • 14 Dec

    Grass Plant- Drought Tolerant

    This is an easy plant to have in a garden. The "grass plant" is drought tolerant and generally carefree in southern California.
  • 16 Nov

    Citronella Plant

    Here is one of our Citronella plants we have. We transplanted it from the backyard to the front yard. So far, it is doing well. 
  • 16 Nov

    Calamondin- Semi Dwarf

    This is an example of a Calamondin semi dwarf plant. It is like a very small orange, however the inside is sour, but the peel is sweet. I looked up some recipes on the internet, just in case the fruit could be used in a recipe, rather than eating it by itself. 
  • 31 Oct

    Front Garden

    Here's another look from our front yard. Hope the drought doesn't wilt everything. I just heard we might get showers this weekend.
  • 29 Oct

    Front Yard After Drought-Heat Period

    We hope our yard improves after the excessive heat and drought this past week in October!
  • 19 Aug

    Hydrangea 3

    Enjoying yet another blooming of our hydrangea flower plant. 
  • 19 Aug

    Grape Trellis- Only One Grape Cluster

    Our grape trellis is getting bigger, however we have only one grape cluster bunch on it. We don't know why there aren't more.