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  • 9 Sep

    Regarding Free Peppermint Seeds

    Hey Everyone, Upon Researching the subject of Mints, inspired by MJ and her knowledge, I realized that my Peppermint plants are in fact Spearmint. I was a little upset that my local farmers market person told me that it was Peppermint. I assumed it was. Spearmint has a lot of the same qualities as ...
  • 4 Sep

    Free Seeds

    Free Seeds I have so many real Peppermint seeds if anyone would like some. I plan on selling them, but anyone on this awesome site can get some for free. Just my way of spreading cheer. Peppermint Plants are wonderful for lots of uses. Tea, is what I use it for, fresh and dried. I add it to my ...
  • 4 Sep

    Great ways to Preserve Your Garden By Freezing Complete Meals In A Bag

    Just published an article for folks who want to freeze their homegrown food. http://bountifulharvesting.com.  Many ways to conserve time and have more time for more important tasks, like enjoying the scenery. Freeze your homegrown food in a meal bag ready to cook. My new article Crock Pot Freezer ...
  • 20 Aug

    Edible Weeds

    Hey Everyone, Just finished an article about Edible Weeds. http://bountifulharvesting.com/index.php/2016/08/19/edible-weedsbenefits/ Lots of information about growing, preserving, saving money, organic, chemical free, preservative limiting, preparing your soil, saving seeds and much more. Please ...