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  • 29 Apr

    In bloom

    My iris finally started blooming, I was a little worried about them because all iris I've ever have had bloomed much earlier in the season. Well it was totally worth the wait! They are gorgeous and all different colors! So far my pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, and purple have bloomed, still ...
  • 16 Apr


    I was getting my shade garden ready for planting and found a fourth hosta, I thought only three made it through the winter. I also realised that my lettuce reseeded itself, so even though I bought more lettuce seeds I guess I didn't need to.
  • 16 Apr


    I ordered strawberry plants, hostas, lilies, apple trees, willow tree, magnolia tree. The strawberry plants, hostas, and trees arrived. I've been planting a lot. I also bought 3 pear trees from garden centres here. Now all I'm waiting for is my cucumber trellis and the lilies.
  • 29 Mar


    I'm waiting for April 15th, that is when I should be able to plant annuals. I have been planting iris, daffodils, strawberries, apple trees, a weeping willow, magnolia tree. My annuals are veggies, and marigolds. My shade garden is in the mail, it is hostas and toad lilies.