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Usa B.

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  • 15 May

    Garden of Love

    Next round of blooms.  Azaleas are fading but the roses, peonies and clematis are blooming.  The Tiffany rose was tranplanted from Grandma's garden.  The big Hosta was split and given to me by my patient.  Theis Clematis is from my friend.  There are more roses in the backyard: red, pink and ...
  • 1 May

    New Deck

    The deck is finally done.  It was meant to be a fire-escape for my husband.  Carlos had turned it into a mini-deck.  I love it!!   I put up the mini gazebo with fabric roof that can block 95% UV light.  The deck is perfect for all of us: me, my husband, my dogs.  Noi can see the plants from ...