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  • 22 May

    It's confirmed, coconut husk seed starters are a bust

    As a test I carefully broke apart the husks the tiny sprouts were in exposing their puny root and replanted in dirt in one pot.  The other pot I left alone.  The pot with the freed plants has taken off.  The one still trapped in coconut has one plant barely hanging on and two have died.  ...
  • 8 May

    Slow growth

    Never ever using the coconut seedling planters again.  The tomatoes started in them are still tiny sprouts with very little root system.  Tried the newspaper pots as well but they don't decompose fast enough.  Next time I'm going with just soil.  Those are doing the best.  Everything is still ...
  • 13 Mar

    New to gardening

    Trying container gardening for the first time ever.  Got tons of seedlings that sprouted.  Hope I don't need a container for each sprout or I'll go broke covering my lawn in containers!