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  • 29 Jul

    black spot

    What Causes Black Spots on Rose Bush Leaves? Many frustrated gardeners wonder, “What causes black spots on rose bush leaves?” Black spot and roses usually go hand in hand. In fact, many roses get a little black spot, which can even be tolerated to some degree without any harm to plants. ...
  • 29 Jul

    Summer Lawn and Garden Dos

    Change Your Timing: Don’t garden by the calendar – garden by your climate. Warm-season vegetables like temperatures in the 80s F while cool-season veggies like temperatures in the 60s-70s F. If you live in hotter climates, plan a spring garden and fall garden (and even winter in some places), ...
  • 29 Jul

    Summer Lawn and Garden Don’ts

    Summer Lawn and Garden Don’ts When temperatures are above the 90° mark, the following lawn and garden chores are best left undone: Applying Horticultural Oils: At temperatures above 85° F or so, horticultural oils are likely to sauté your veggies before you pick them. Fertilizing Plants: Your ...