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Beervelde Flower Show 2014

May 09 2014 10:00 to May 11 2014 18:00  •  Beervelde Park, Beervelde, Belgium

Type: Plant fair

This event takes place twice a year, every second weekend of May and October. During these weekends, more than 200 nurserymen, designers and artisans exhibit, for the public's pleasure and enlightenment, probably the most spectacular variety of plants and garden-related ware one could hope to see in Belgium. Worthwile to be mentioned: the prices of the plants are definitely lower in Belgium than in England or France.

Established as the country's most outstanding garden festival, Beervelde attracts thousands of visitors from all parts of Belgium and abroad. The show's success is due to the high standard of the displays and the quality of the exhibitors' stands, but above all to the very special atmosphere that prevails in Beervelde.

In fact, Beervelde pioneered in Belgium a fresh way to discover plants: in the open air and in an exquisite setting - quiet, congenial and elegant. Since the very first show (May 1989), Beervelde has gained and retained the reputation of "Belgium's must for all garden lovers".


€ 10,  € 8 p.p. for groups of min. 25 people

Free for children under 15.


Dogs on leash are admitted.

Organised catering (call +32 (0)3 825 53 53  or +32 (0)496 59 63 74 or fax +32 (0)3 825 56 56 for reservation).


For further information:

Beervelde Park, 9080 Beervelde, Belgium

+32(0)9 356 81 82 - fax +32 (0)9 355 08 31 -

Beervelde Park

Beervelde Park, situated near the City of Ghent, in the very heart of an area famous for its horticulture, stretches out over 50 acres. This estate was designed in 1873 in what is called (at least in France and Belgium) the English Landscape style. It was intended to serve as a display for the then young Belgian horticulture. Ever since, Beervelde Park has been the property of the Counts de Kerchove de Denterghem.

Today, 130 years later, it is remarkable to note that the de Kerchove de Denterghem name is still linked to the promotion of horticulture.

Count André is chairman of the Royal Society for Agriculture and Botany, the non-profit organisation which organizes the world famous ‘Foralies of Ghent’ every five years.

Beervelde Park is run by his brother, Count Renaud, who, with the Beervelde Garden Days, also contributes to the fame of Belgian Horticulture, the park’s original objective.

Beervelde Park offers an interesting woodland garden with a nice range of deciduous azaleas1, with special emphasis on the group of the historically important hardy Ghent azaleas (pontica hybrids).

The Park is also known for its cellar, which the talent of the contemporary painter Roger Raveel has transformed into a three-dimensional work of art where reality and fiction entwine…



Beervelde Park, Beervelde, Belgium

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