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  • 19 Jan

    Bamboo House Plant is Doing Well

    This bamboo house plant is doing well. The bottom of the plant is getting new growth. The top is also thriving. The middle of the plant, (not pictured), is leafless. Perhaps with time, it can develop new buds and leaves. The plant is about 10 years old. 
  • 14 Jan

    Cacti Growth

    These cacti are doing really well with very little care. These cacti  are an example of  drought resistent plants here in Southern California. 
  • 11 Jan

    The fate of PVP Prestige levels after Legion?

    Hello, What do you guys think they'll do to the PVP honor level system for the next expansion pack?  I'm a huge fan of it but I personally hope we can keep our prestige levels. People work hard for those and it would be discouraging to wipe all of it at the end of the expansion pack. Maybe they'll ...
  • 11 Jan

    Powdery mildew or oak wilt?

    Hello, I've had these oak trees in pots for about three years. Somewhere along the way they've picked something up, though. If I understand correctly oak wilt would usually kill a tree within a year, these have been sick for more than a year and I cant seem to get them better. The leafs grow ...
  • 11 Jan

    Tips for a Beginner?

    Hello, So I've been cooking for my boyfriend and I and family for a few years now and I've always loved cooking with herbs so on a whim tonight I purchased a little starter kit for growing my own herbs. It came with Chives, Basil and Parsely. I have them all planted in their pots and I'm not having ...
  • 11 Jan

    Garden and plant

    Hello, I recently bought Lauren's Grape Poppy seeds to plant for the upcoming spring/summer season. What flowers would be good to plant in front of them to hide the fading foliage around mid-summer? I want to stay in a white, pink, and purple color scheme. Please if anyone has any information about ...
  • 9 Jan
  • 9 Jan

    Just wanted to see how the notes worked.

    here is a picture of a cat.