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  • 30 May


    watered all gardens
  • 30 May


    mowed lawn
  • 8 May

    My blog : new name
  • 28 Apr

    Being anywhere in the World, you can Spread the Flowers Love through Fragrance

    Flower spreads fragrance any part of the world and flourishes the love or expression you want to send through it. So we are here to help you with Flower delivery anywhere in the World. Flowers help anyone to come to a smile and freshness of love. While sitting anywhere in the world, one can send ...
  • 20 Apr

    Blooming Beautiful and the Puppy Hazard

    The cherry and pear trees and the gooseberry bush are in full bloom and budding nicely. Susan blossomed with some beautiful deep purple flowers, just before the wind shook all her petals off and Buddy again undershot the mark and paid the price when the frost closed in three nights in a row. He's ...
  • 4 Apr


  • 1 Apr

    My blog

    Because of the corona crisis and the quarantine I made a blog about my garden. You can follow me there
  • 21 Mar

    Fruit and Butterfly Bushes Aplenty

    Finally, we've managed to grow something for more than 4 weeks.!! \o/ The blackberry bush is strong and healthy and on it's second season of fruit production, as is the raspberry bush. The Gooseberry bush starts it's third season, and already there are fruit buds on it's thorny branches. The ...