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    mowed and watered
  • 5 Nov

    How to grow your own Shiitake mushrooms at home

    Without a doubt, mushrooms can be considered one of the strangest elements or ingredients that we usually find in our dishes, because they are neither plants nor animals. To give you an idea of ​​how strange fungi can be, keep in mind that the largest living being on earth is none other than a ...
  • 1 Nov

    Elegant Happy Birthday Flowers to Make This Special Event Unforgettable

    A birthday party is a special event for a child. He is crazy to celebrate this important day with friends, and parents. Flowers make the environment vibrant and live enhancing the visual beauty as well. Sweet fragrance enchants guests who visit your home to participate in get-togethers. It is the ...
  • 24 Sep

    Prepare Lawn for Winter in Texas: Top 10 Steps

    If you are trying to protect your lawn from the harsh winter, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure its health. Winters can be difficult for gardens. They not only affect the current state of the lawn but sometimes cause issues that may last longer than expected. Even in the mild ...
  • 24 Sep


    mowed lawns
  • 9 Sep


    Glencoe Boxwood are bushes in front of porch Hetz Midget Thuja Shrub is bush at corner of porch Black Locust Tree/False Acacia is tree by building Japanese Spindle is multicolored leaves on bushes by road Tamarix is ugly bush by road
  • 2 Jul