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  • John L.
    Was looking for baby tears.
    Whats the name of this plant ?
    Seller had no idea.
    Last Saturday at 01:03
  • John L.
    I ordered baby tears from Drummers, MN
    Whats the real name of this plant.
    I was told baby
    Last Saturday at 01:00
  • Jessie P.
    I bought a windmill palm earlier this year. A little sprig came up next to it that I didn't recognize. I let it grow. This is what it turned into. I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know what it is???
    Last Friday at 20:55
  • William W.
    This plant was growing profusely in Duck, NC USA. Appeared to flower in both full sun and medium shade. Assume it is a perennial as was found in large, established-looking beds. Any idea what this is? Marshall
    Last Friday at 10:32
  • Alana T.  Candelabra Spurge (Euphorbia lactea)
    I have had this cactus for actual decades now. Planting cactuses in pop-bottle terrariums was an activity one day during Sparks, the youngest level of Girl Guides. I must have been around kindergarten age at the time? My absent-mindedness through my life generally translated into something of a … Read more »
    Last Friday at 07:06
  • Alana T.
    Plant ID?

    I received two plants from my sister, cuttings from a prolific plant she's had for a while but has no idea what it is or where it came from. The larger plant initially looked similar to the smaller one but was struggling more, so I put it on the balcony for more sun and it promptly … Read more »
    Last Friday at 06:29
  • Robin T.  Abelia grandiflora (Abelia grandiflora)
    Indoors house plant doesnt require much care it looks like really long pairs of ears
    Last Friday at 00:55
  • Akkamai S.
    Of what tree is this seed?
    Last Thursday at 16:59
  • Leanne T.

    I have noticed that the leaves of my Pittosporum tobira have started to curl. I have looked online to see what could be the cause, however unable to find why this is happening. Can anyone help explain why the leaves are curling like this? Is it normal or is there something wrong? Any advice … Read more »
    Last Wednesday at 11:06
  • Jane H.
    What is the flower?
    Last Tuesday at 17:31
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Recent notes

  • 13 Oct

    Front Yard, Grass Improvement

    Last night It rained, thundered, and the sky lite up with lightening! This is so unusual in Southern California. I wonder if we are still in a drought. Perhaps our lawn will be greener before January or February. I was thinking we had to take out the whole lawn area and replace it with red bark ...
  • 26 Sep

    Tomatoes in Autumn

    Although our summer tomatoes are gone, this bush seems to have one last harvest! The tomatoes are green thus far, but I hope they ripen. I last counted 25 of them.
  • 20 Sep

    Grape Harvest Coming to an End

    We were so very happy with our grapes this year! They were sweet and tender, with a melt in your mouth skin. We will have to get used to store bought grapes again, until we try planting and harvesting grapes again.
  • 15 Sep

    Greener Lawn Days

    Red Dog is sitting on our green lawn. We are trying to get this lawn back to greener days after these few years of water rationing and drought in many Southern California cities.
  • 4 Aug


    Plant broccoli 
  • 30 Jul

    Grapes in July

    These grapes have been ready since mid July. We have been blessed this year with a great crop.
  • 7 Jun

    Grape Ladder Make-Shift Trellis

    Here is the ladder my husband put in as a make-shift trellis to allow the grapes to have a wider span. (Also to not interude on the neighbor's fence.) Thus far, this seems to be working. 
  • 3 Jun

    Just starting

    I know next to nothing about plants.  I never really had much of an interest, the garden was always my Dad's domain, but recently I've been diagnosed with a mobility disorder.  Certain tasks are very difficult and there is no cure- the only thing that might help is certain "low impact" exercises. ...