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  • 13 Oct


    watered all gardens fertilised fruit trees
  • 15 Sep

    How tall does photinia red robin grow?

    If we begin to enumerate the bushes most popularly used in gardens around the world, the Photinia will surely come to our head, and among the large number of variances we will think of the Photinia Red Robin. Its great particularity compared to the other varieties of Photinias is that their leaves ...
  • 13 Aug

    New plant

    Spindle "Harlequin"
  • 13 Aug

    New plants

    Fuchsia "Alice Hoffman"
  • 12 Aug

    new plants

    Today I have planted Pheonix Canariensis (Canary Islands date palm tree) and couple of mini Cyclamens in my front garden.
  • 3 Aug

    Grapes in August, 2019

    Our grapes are turning from green to red. In a week or two I think we will be enjoying them for dessert.
  • 26 Jul

    My plants

    Gaura lindheimeri'Whirling Butterflies' Geranium sanguineum var. striatum Delphinium pacific giant ‘Galahad’
  • 11 Jul

    The Lone Cherry

    We appear to have an unexpected ability to grow fruit... thankfully, because we can't grow anything else effectively. This season we have been blessed with 1.5kg of gooseberries, 400g of blackcurrants, a cherry and a handful of raspberries. The blackberry bush is flowering, so we may yet see a few ...