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  • 27 May
  • 26 May

    Garden Grapes Growing

    Just noticed our backyard grapes are progressing nicely.
  • 22 May

    Backyard garden

    Today I was trying to revitalize this garden. Our Red Dog peed on the yellow and violet "ice plants" thus some portions of the garden have a few holes. I trimmed the ice plants from the stepping stones and back of the redwood fence and put the trimmings in the holed areas. We will add lots of water ...
  • 21 May

    Tulips are done

    Deadhead tulip flowers and wait six weeks to clip foliage. 
  • 20 May


    Have the bulbs planted.  It has rained hard twice since, hoping they do not wash out. Also cleaned out front bed and planted impatients.  Need to divide day lilies.  Also need to fertilize rose bush.
  • 12 May

    Completed 2017

    Dug over main raised beds Cleaned up Polly T
  • 11 May

    Garden Flower Vase

    It's nice to put some few plants from our garden in our bedrrom vase. 
  • 11 May

    Connie's Fighting Back

    After seeing how rapidly the brown is spreading through Connie's branches and leaves, with the newly sprouting leaves turning brown and dying, I decided to dig her up. This morning when I went out to finish yesterday's weeding, I took another look at Connie, and noticed that where the new grown ...