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  • 4 Aug


    Plant broccoli 
  • 30 Jul

    Grapes in July

    These grapes have been ready since mid July. We have been blessed this year with a great crop.
  • 7 Jun

    Grape Ladder Make-Shift Trellis

    Here is the ladder my husband put in as a make-shift trellis to allow the grapes to have a wider span. (Also to not interude on the neighbor's fence.) Thus far, this seems to be working. 
  • 3 Jun

    Just starting

    I know next to nothing about plants.  I never really had much of an interest, the garden was always my Dad's domain, but recently I've been diagnosed with a mobility disorder.  Certain tasks are very difficult and there is no cure- the only thing that might help is certain "low impact" exercises. ...
  • 24 May

    Jasmine Everywhere!

    This time of year, we are seeing our jasmine thrive! It smells wondeful, especially in the early evening.
  • 22 May

    What is this plant.

    I hope someone will recognise it!
  • 14 May

    What is this plant?

    PLEASE HELP! I have taken this pic and an actual leaf to multiple garden centers. No one can give me an answer.
  • 30 Apr

    what is this plant?

    I have recently moved into a home that has plants unusual for our area (upper midwest, USA). This plant is near the house foundation. The feathery leaves are very soft, not stiff like a pine needle. Any ideas what it is? The snow is mostly gone here on 4/30/2018.  Uncertain how the center buds ...