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  • Alison H.
    I have two plants that I am trying to identify as I have potted up lots of them for a school fete but have no idea what they are. The green leafed shade plant resembles a mint but is not... it has no smell and hairy stems. It is vigorous, likes the shade and I keep it constrained in hanging … Read more »
    About 5 hours ago
  • King S.
    Anyone please help me identify this plant?
    Grows on water, smooth green leaves which turn brown and decay after a while (in the water)
    I saw the flower only for about 48 hours in 1 year, the flower wilts after 1 day only. the leaves stay evergreen.

    Thanks loads
    Last Tuesday at 15:25
  • Laila S.
    Anyone know if this is poisonous if consumed?
    Last Monday at 19:17
  • Craig L.
    Could anyone please tell me the name of this houseplant please? My dad passed it on to me and he couldn't remember the name himself. Thank you.
    Last Monday at 16:11
  • David L.
    Any idea what this plant is?
    It started growing wild just outside my garden bed, I let it grow just to see what is was, but I have not been able to identify it,
    It is about 6 feet tall with a single stalk that is just over 1 inch in diameter.
    The leaves are flat, not glossy and are 8-10 inches … Read more »
    Last Monday at 00:51
  • Manoj M.
    Would like to know the name of this plant/ flower Thanks
    Last Sunday at 07:01
  • Ted R.
    Non-flowering? Very sharp thorns!
    Last Friday at 15:47
  • Alexa Y.
    I bought a semi double white gerbera daisy that has a flower that only measures 2.5" across. The seller told me it will get a larger bloom next time, up to 4.5" across. Is this true?
    Last Friday at 13:53
  • Jeanine S.
    I have a hortensia in a pot.
    I putted it inside because of the frost.
    In february it went outside again but it doesn"t start having new shoots.
    When can you see if it is dead ?
    Last Friday at 10:38
  • Marie Z.
    Hi can you help us identify this flower? We live in Miami, Florida and this plant comes back every year and grows in the shade, although it never seems to have strong leaves/ petals.
    Last Thursday at 23:32
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  • 17 Mar

    My new rose

    I bought a new rose Bantry Bay. I had to remove 2 trees from my garden because my neighbour went to court. Instead of one of the trees (a very lovely tree a Rhus) I planted a new climbing rose Bantry Bay.
  • 17 Mar


    My clivia will bloom again, as each year.
  • 17 Mar

    Starting up the garden

    Yesterday was a fantastic day. Everything is starting to bloom : hyacint, the bulbs, crocus, clivia etc Mulching, taking away the winter beds, feeding, pruning the roses......
  • 12 Mar

    California Lilac Blooming

    This beautiful California lilac has really started to bloom this year. It was most likely because of our recent rains. I hope that we are not in a drought still. We have had a rationed schedule of what days and times we can water our lawns in this city.
  • 11 Mar

    Start up 2017

    A little darling wife and I planted veggies for 20+ years before she went to heaven.  It's been 3 years since the last planting cycle I have enjoyed.  Now is the time to plant and sow seeds since we have a very early springtime here in Texas this year!  She will be pushing and ...
  • 3 Mar

    Blackberry Bush

    We planted our blackberry bush on Feb. 13, 2017.  We plan to water it twice a week, unless it rains more frequently.