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  • 16 Nov

    Citronella Plant

    Here is one of our Citronella plants we have. We transplanted it from the backyard to the front yard. So far, it is doing well. 
  • 16 Nov

    Calamondin- Semi Dwarf

    This is an example of a Calamondin semi dwarf plant. It is like a very small orange, however the inside is sour, but the peel is sweet. I looked up some recipes on the internet, just in case the fruit could be used in a recipe, rather than eating it by itself. 
  • 31 Oct

    Front Garden

    Here's another look from our front yard. Hope the drought doesn't wilt everything. I just heard we might get showers this weekend.
  • 29 Oct

    Front Yard After Drought-Heat Period

    We hope our yard improves after the excessive heat and drought this past week in October!
  • 27 Oct

    Bamboo to give more hight

    My patio looks still stunning. The pelargoniums keep blooming. But there was no height enough so I put a bamboo in the background to have more verticular planting
  • 20 Oct

    Supporting Buddy Jr.

    Buddy Jr.'s gotten so big now, almost topping 11 feet high, and about 6 feet across, that the wind uses him like a battering ram. A recent spate of high winds thanks to the last vestiges of Hurricane Erma, have left him bent so far forward he 's over shadowing the new berry bushes, and stopping ...
  • 15 Oct


    Pumpkins After September 1st, remove all the smaller fruits and any that form after this date, to help the ripening of the remaining ones left on the vine. 
  • 13 Oct

    End of a lovely season but still some things to see and to do

    Planted a lot of bulbs AND new yellow Achilleas and anemones