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  • 22 Apr

    Collard Greens in the Crock Pot Stew

    Just harvested some of our collard greens. We cooked a stew of red beans and ham in the crock pot and added cut-up pieces of the greens to the stew the last two hours of cooking time. It worked out great! Next time we might try doing it with kale. We are trying to develop some better eating ...
  • 20 Apr

    New Entrance to Our Garden: Garden Owl

    We added an owl to our garden entrance cicular sign blocks.
  • 18 Apr

    Fruitless Tangerine Tree Intertwining with California Lilac Bush

    All these bees are buzzing around the tangerine tree, now that the lilac bush is close by-- swarming with bees. Could this help pollinate our tangerine tree?
  • 16 Apr

    Spring Update: Losses and new additions

    After a mild Winter, and the beginning of a somewhat conservative Spring, we took stock of the garden babies, and went to see what had survived and what had not. The patio tubs had been kept on the patio, but moved under the porch, so the worst of the weather (and the frost) could not touch them. ...
  • 16 Apr

    Tiny Grapes Growing Close Up

    Our tiny grapes are progressing nicely. 
  • 16 Apr

    Lizard Garden in an Empty Pot

    This is a cute picture of a lizard in our garden sunning himself in an empty pot.
  • 7 Apr

    Crooked Neck Squash

    We planted this crooked neck squash this week. We hope that it yields a good crop with the recent onset of some rains.
  • 6 Apr

    New Crops Under the Grapevine

    We planted new crops under the grape vine a few days ago. The new crops are: peppers, tomatoes, crookneck squash, and zucchi. We hope that our weather becomes more moderate, with less drought. Perhaps we will get a sprinkle of rain here and there. This should produce a better crop for this year.