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  • 21 Mar

    Fruit and Butterfly Bushes Aplenty

    Finally, we've managed to grow something for more than 4 weeks.!! \o/ The blackberry bush is strong and healthy and on it's second season of fruit production, as is the raspberry bush. The Gooseberry bush starts it's third season, and already there are fruit buds on it's thorny branches. The ...
  • 18 Mar
  • 9 Mar

    The Effect of Pesticides on Bees

    Pesticides are designed to help in the battle against pests. Insecticides, on the other hand, help prevent the effects insects can have on plants. The sad thing is that insecticides end up affecting honeybees. Insecticides can kill honey bees in a variety of ways. First, the bees might come into ...
  • 9 Mar

    Garden Grape Vine- New Grape Leaves for an Early Spring

    These new grape leaves are growing on last year's grape vine. I hope that  we get a wonderful grape yield again this year. The picture was taken in early March.
  • 8 Mar


  • 7 Mar


    genral prune
  • 5 Mar

    Garden Rosemary and Lavender

    Our back garden is doing better since we have had more rain this past fall and winter.  I also like the little red clay chimney. It actually works too.
  • 27 Feb

    Four Ways to Improve Your Vineyard's Soil

    Certified organic vineyards depend on fertile soils. Optimal soil conditions prevent disease, improve grape flavor and quality, and mitigate drought and other problematic weather conditions. Whether your vineyard is decades old, generations-old or just starting out, here are a few ways you can ...