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  • 19 Aug

    Plant Wish list

    Acer palmatum
  • 19 Aug

    Hydrangea 3

    Enjoying yet another blooming of our hydrangea flower plant. 
  • 19 Aug

    Grape Trellis- Only One Grape Cluster

    Our grape trellis is getting bigger, however we have only one grape cluster bunch on it. We don't know why there aren't more. 
  • 16 Aug

    We lost the battle. :'(

    Connie has died. :'( Despite our best efforts to keep her healthy and growing, we lost the battle. The torrential rain washed all nutrients out of the soil faster than we could replenish them. We've put compost down, nutrient enriched soil, mulch and plant food mixed with water, we even put a ...
  • 8 Aug


    If anyone is looking for cheap trees, be sure to check out the abor day foundation! They offer 10 free trees with a $10 membership! It's very much worth it and all that I have ever gotten have been in tip top shape. There are several ...
  • 4 Aug

    Our Biggest Enemy

    Aphids ( at least 3 difeerent kinds ) and Snails!!!! Have to bring wepons to the field. Luckily there organic and wont damage the plants. Diluted vinegar repels most of the anoying bugs that try to eat our plants from our herbs to our vegeis. We were told that if we spread cumin (a spice) diluted ...
  • 4 Aug

    Come visit my group on Facebook

    If you like to garden or just wanting to share your plant creations with others please visit my Facebook group.
  • 21 Jul

    Freesia Adventure

    I love the look and smell of Freesias. I have planted Freesia for many, many years in Central Ontario, Canada and not had any success.  I moved up to Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (known as Cottage Country about 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario).  Planted my Freesia bulbs in a couple of pots and ...