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  • 20 Apr

    Garden East Side

    This is a picture of our back yard garden, east side of it. The hibiscus, eucalypitus and mint plants are doing nicely.  The citronella plant, left of the hibiscus has tiny violet colored flowers. It is suppose to combat mosquitos. 
  • 20 Apr

    Grape Tree 2

    The grape tree is growing bigger and bigger. It has the tiny beginnings of little grapes on it. 
  • 16 Apr
  • 16 Apr

    Everything in bloom

    What a wonderful season! Despite the weather in Belgium the garden looks wonderful.
  • 14 Apr
  • 10 Apr

    Grape Tree, coffee grounds.

    Just bought an old style coffee maker. I'm emptying my coffee grounds and water on the grape plant. It seems to be progressing nicely in the last several weeks of doing this, 
  • 8 Apr


    Now I have six orchids that have bloomed again from last year's plant. I can't wait until the whole flower blooms.
  • 7 Apr

    Lemon trees

    We added some used coffee grounds around the lemon tree and other fruit tress in the front yard.