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Yoga plants for your garden

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by The Joy of Plants • Thursday June 22, 2017

As you adopt the Downward Dog, you see behind you how the wind is playing with the ornamental grass. You take another very deep breath, sniff the lavender scent and relax into the Sun Salutation. Yoga in the garden: try it with these plants around you.

Wednesday June 21st was the International Yoga Day. A day that’s all about the health benefits of yoga. And that works even better in the garden. Particularly with these ten plants around you: they make a soft rustling sound, have a delectable fragrance, encourage butterflies to flutter around or have calming properties. And.... relax.  



  • Bamboo: the soft sound of the leaves in the wind and the beautiful green of bamboo create peace and equilibrium in the garden. Place the plants together, for instance as a hedge or as a green accent between flowering plants.
  • Lavender:  the scent of relaxation. Lavender is ideal as a mini-hedge alongside a patio, but also looks lovely in a pot on your balcony. Breathe in, breathe out.
  • Ornamental grasses: just like bamboo, ornamental grasses have a calming effect. With every breeze the plants make a soft rustling sound. There are also very strokeable! They look good planted in a bed and in pots.
  • Delphinium: the beauty of these pastel flowers allows you to stop and contemplate nature and be in the moment. They’re therefore an ideal focus for equilibrium exercises.
  • Waterlily: a rippling pond creates a relaxed atmosphere in which waterlilies steal the show. A good alternative to a pond is a large bowl or container with a waterlily next to your yoga mat.
  • Echinacea: not just a sun salutation, but also a sense of healing. The flowers ensure constant visits by butterflies, to remind you to adopt the butterfly position.
  • Thyme: what a delectable scent! Place your mat near thyme in order to give your exercises even more effect, because an attractive fragrance creates a positive feeling. 
  • Verbena: another magnet for butterflies. The plant provides a colourful accent in pots, and makes it easier to enjoy gazing around you.
  • Clematis: conceal a bare wall or depressing fence behind a clematis bursting with flowers. That helps the garden look a lot more natural, and you will feel more balanced. 
  • Buddleja: alongside beautiful flowers, the buddleja also has a pleasant sweet fragrance.  Close your eyes to breathe in the scent, then slowly open them and peacefully admire the butterflies surrounding the purple flowers. 
  • Finished your asanas? Spend a moment gazing at the nature around you, relaxed and mindful. Namaste.



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