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Share your summer passion with seasonal flowers: Tanacetum

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by PSF • Friday August 8, 2014

Tanacetum parthenium originates from south-east Europe. The herbaceous plant is often referred to as Matricaria.

Name confusion

This is because the plant was called Matricaria parthenium for a long time. The Dutch name is mother’s herb (moederkruid), because the plant was once used to induce births. You can still find the plant in monastery and country gardens, where the small flowers create a cheerful mood.


Did you know …

The flowers of the Tanacetum consist of a ring of white bracts surrounding a heart of tiny flowers. On some varieties the bracts are missing, which makes them look like compact buds.


Availability & care

Tanacetum is available all year round. The usual care tips apply to these flowers: trim the stems, remove the bottom leaves and place the flowers in clean water with cut flower food. Top the vase up regularly, because Tanacetum is very thirsty.

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