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Rose hips: pure and robust

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by PSF • Friday September 30, 2016

Basic or baroque? With rose hips, the options are endless, especially as rose hips are now increasingly available without thorns!

Rose hips (Rosa) are the fruits of the shrub rose. Where these shrubs have bloomed abundantly in the summer, rose hips can be harvested in autumn. To the delight of many florists, rose hips are increasingly available without thorns. The hips are often red, but there are also attractive orange, yellow and deep purple varieties. Certain varieties (grown especially for this purpose) contain an extraordinary amount of vitamin C. In fact, rose hips are really fruit!

Long branches 

Rose hip varieties with long branches
The rose hip varieties with long branches (up to 2 metres) are truly special. These varieties take two years to develop into something really impressive. The ‘biennial’ roses do not flower in the first year but they are encouraged to grow with a lot of water and fertiliser. In the second year, lateral branches and flowers appear. To encourage the formation of hips, through cross pollination, different varieties are placed together. The bees then take care of the rest.

Indoors or outdoors

Late summer and autumn atmosphere with rose hipsRose hips are ideal for creating a rich late summer and autumn atmosphere. They are perfect for luxuriant bouquets as well as for natural flower arrangements, and particularly for funerals. Try placing different varieties of rose hips alongside each other in vases as this will highlight their diversity. Rose hips have a long life - indoors, they will last for three to four weeks at least. If your customer puts them on a table outdoors, they will last even longer. But be sure to never let them dry out, always give them in a little water.

There is a surprisingly wide range of rose hips available, have a look for yourself.

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