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Join in with The Lonely Bouquet Day

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by FHFDT • Friday June 24, 2016

Emily, from America, is the owner of a Belgian flower picking garden, named Fleuropean. She's thought of a way to make people happy by naming a special day: The Lonely Bouquet Day. On this day strangers make each other happy with flowers. The idea is beautifully simple: (1) place flowers in a pot or a vase of water on the street, (2) hang a card on them with the message “take me with you”, (3) maybe write another message on it as well and (4) leave these for a random passer-by. (5) A smile is sure to appear.

Flowers around the world

Emily has spread flowers all over the world including in San Francisco, Cologne, Ghent, Malibu, Maastricht, San Rafael andmany others. After she asked people to join in with the Lonely Bouquet Day last year, the flowers spread even further. From Mexico to South Africa, England to Australia... Add your village or city to the list on Sunday the 26th June and join in with The Lonely Bouquet Day.

Join in

Make someone happy by getting involved. First, register officially for the event on The Lonely Bouquet Facebook page. Here, you will also find examples of tags saying 'take me with you'. You can also follow the event on Twitter (@LonelyBouquet) and Instagram (@thelonelybouquet). Have you spotted or adopted a Lonely Bouquet? Let them know on The Lonely Bouquet website where you can find even more information about the idea.


Send a photo

We'd love to see what your Lonely Bouquet looks like or what kind of bouquet you have found. Please upload a photo on our Facebook page. We wish you a lovely day on Sunday!

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