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How to create the garden of your dreams

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Lieven G. by Lieven Gekiere • Saturday April 30, 2022 Follow Lieven G.

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A garden is always a place where you should be able to sit back and relax, but not all gardens are decent enough to be able to do this. Some gardens are in desperate need of renovation or even just a little bit of extra work. If you would like to make your garden hospitable and ready for the summer there might be some things you’ll need to do. Especially if you’d like to make sure that your garden can receive guests. We’ll talk about some things you can do in or for your garden to upgrade it and hopefully create the garden of your dreams!

Create a spot to relax

When you’re at home, the garden is the one place where you can immerse yourself in nature whilst relaxing if the weather allows it. However if there is no place to relax you’re sitting on the hard ground or in a muddle of mud. That would be the opposite of relaxing and so we suggest it’s high time to create a spot to relax. This can be done by adding some outdoor benches. With a bench in the garden you can sit down and enjoy the view of your garden and the sun on your face in comfort. Furthermore, if you’d like to entertain some family or friends in your garden it’s also necessary to add some tables. With tables in the garden you can opt for a dinner party or barbeque where you can entertain and enjoy yourself with others.


Keep up with the the maintenance of your garden

The most important part of creating the ultimate harden is keeping up with the garden, especially with the plants that can overgrow the whole garden. Think of removing the weeds between the tiles of the garden or cutting down climbing plants that climb up the house and fences. These kinds of plants can take over the garden within a spring season and can become unmanageable. Another thing to consider is to paint fences or outdoor furniture that is made of wood. It has probably weathered the season and needs a touch up so that it won’t rot from the rainfall that’s bound to happen once or twice in a summer. If left unattended the wood might rot due to the moist and humid circumstances. When it is rotten it’ll need replacement. To avoid making extra costs it is better to maintain a good layer of paint on wooden items so that they’ll last for years.


Photo: Rene Asmussen (Pexels)

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