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Helianthus: queen of the summer flowers

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by PSF • Friday July 29, 2016

Radiant yellow and brimming with energy. The sunflower is the best flower to help you hang on to that summery feeling. Enjoy the sunny appeal of Helianthus!

Radiant as the sun, the sunflower shows off its stunning flowers. The sunflower (Helianthus) is quite rightly called queen of summer flowers. Not only does the flower resemble the sun. It actually looks as if it has absorbed the sun's power. It is bursting with solar energy! Each flower consists of hundreds of tube-shaped florets arranged in a fascinating pattern of intersecting spirals. The heart is surrounded by radiant yellow petals, responsible for the sunny effect. In addition to the famous yellow sunflower, there are also orange, brown and dark red varieties.

Sunflower seeds

Helianthus belongs to the composite family (Compositae). The name Helianthus is derived from the Greek word helios, which means sun. The sunflower originates from North America. It is an annual plant that can reach a considerable size. The highest sunflower ever measured was seven metres tall! In summer, the sunflower blossoms with one or more imposing blooms. When the blooms are left in the field, the flower heads fill up with sunflower seeds, which birds simply love. Sunflowers are also grown for the production of sunflower oil, which is pressed from the seeds.

Care tips for Helianthus

Helianthus is available throughout the year. Supply is greatest from June to October. Both flowers and flower heads are highly decorative. For bouquets with Helianthus the usual care tips apply: cut off a section of the stems, remove the lower foliage and place the stems in clean water with cut-flower food.

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