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Get inspired at The Eden Project

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by TJOP • Friday October 17, 2014

As the colder months approach, it's essential to keep your home feeling warm and tropical. To get all the plant inspiration you could possibly need to brighten up your home, how about a trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall?

A rainforest of colours

A visit to the Rainforest Canopy Walkway lets your see over the treetops and explore the greenery from above. There are plenty of fruit trees (including some with bunches of bananas on display) and also a selection of more surprising plants which grow vanilla and cashews. To add a flavour of the rainforest to your home, consider planting fruit trees outdoors or filling your home with colourful exotic plants such as the Flamingo Flower, Hibiscus flowers or Bromeliad.

Exploring the Mediterranean Biome

Over in the Mediterranean Biome the scents of the flowering plants are hard to miss! In Spring, a carpet of tulips bursts out in full colour whilst huge Aloe Veras grow year round. How about taking inspiration from the Aloes and potting your own at home? If you're keen on sun-loving plans, then there is so much choice when it comes to succulents. Echeveria will delight throughout the seasons whilst the curious shapes of Kalanchoe and Burro's Tail become great focal points in a room.

Have you visited the Eden Project and been inspired? Let us know how you've brought the warmth of the biomes into your home and share your pictures on our website!

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  • Robert J. Robert J. Highly recommend visiting the Eden Project there is so much to see. There are also plenty of other gardens close by. Do visit the Lost Gardens of Helegan near Mevagissy
    Friday October 17, 2014 at 13:30

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