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Garden maintenance in november

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by Colour your life • Thursday November 8, 2018

Plant beeches
Beeches are best planted and replanted when the leaves have gone golden yellow. That is when the chance of good development is greatest. It is crucial for that development that a particular soil fungus is attached to the roots. So make sure that you buy beeches when they are still (entrenched) in the soil. That offers the greatest likelihood that the roots are in good condition (and that fungus is present)

Plant roses

Roses which are supplied with bare roots are planted both in early spring and in November.


Protect perennials

  • There are some herbaceous perennials which are not tough enough to survive our winters outdoors because they originate from milder climate zones.
  • We need to protect tender plants against too much cold damp, soil which remains wet for too long and temperatures which are too low.
  • Here are some examples: cultivars from the Chrysanthemum Maximum Group, Helianthus, Acanthus, Lavatera, Lithodora, Gunnera and Agapanthus. This list is not complete and it is best to refer to the plant label for information.
  • A layer of straw helps, or covering with garden fleece and then removing it again when the temperatures climb a little.
  • Good drainage is also important. Many plants can rot in soil which is cold and wet for an extended period, even though they might tolerate lower air temperatures for a short while. Glass or acrylic sheets are sometimes placed over sensitive rockery plants. 


Ice preventer in the pond

  • If the pond freezes over and remains frozen for some time, gas which is released from the muddy bottom can collect under the ice. At the same time the oxygen-rich air in the water is gradually used up. This can create an unhealthy situation for the plants and animals which spend the winter just above the bottom of the pond.
  • You can easily avoid this by placing an ice preventer in the pond to ensure a good gas exchange with the outdoor air.


Winter protection for standard roses

Many standard roses have two budding (graft) points: one just above the roots which is protected from frost by a covering layer of soil, and one at the top where the (flower-bearing) branches attach. Ideally a pull black plastic bag (with holes) over the crown and tie around the trunk. 


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