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Easter Plant Growing Projects For Kids

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by TJOP • Friday April 3, 2015

With Spring well under way, the Easter holiday is the perfect time for your kids to get out and get planting. And don’t worry, there’s no need to let April showers rain on your parade. These are plant growing crafts and activities that can be done indoors or outdoors. 

Egg Succulents

One fantastic Easter-themed activity for kids is planting succulents in egg shells. Another example of bringing the outdoors in, you will need 6-12 egg shells, a couple of succulents and some soil. Gently break the tops off of the egg shells and wash them out with some soapy water and leave to dry. You can leave the shells their natural colour or go bold and paint the eggshells a variety of colours. Fill the eggshells halfway with some soil, pull apart a variety of succulents and gently plant them into your eggs. Fill the top with a little more soil if necessary. Display your miniature succulents in numerous ways: either standing tall on a pretty tray by using candle wax as glue or grouped as a centrepiece atop some pebbles.

Easy DIY Glass Terrariums

Get the family involved in this extremely simple DIY by making a homemade terrarium or three. Terrariums create a beautiful focal point in the home and you can experiment with various small plants and unusual glass containers – don’t be afraid to try vessels such as a glass teapot. Easy to make and even easier to maintain, get started on this green-fingered project by watching this step-by-step video. 

Plastic bottle planters

All you need to create these super-easy bottle-base planters are a selection of plastic bottles (complete with caps), some soil and a packet of seeds. Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle and decorate! Alternatively make and glue on the bottle top as a nose, add a pair of googly eyes, then fill with soil and a sprinkling of the seeds. 

Wellington Boot Planters

If you happen to have an old pair of wellies that have spent the last few years in the shoe cupboard, why not repurpose them this Easter by using them as unusual plant pots. Drill holes in the bottom of the wellies, add a layer of stones so that they don’t fall over and fill the height of each boot with newspaper and then add soil and your chosen plants/flowers to the top.

For more planting ideas to inspire your aspiring green-fingered kids this Easter, why not try making some DIY dinosaur planters?

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