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Colour your life in December

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by Colour Your Life • Tuesday December 18, 2018

A wonderful month with Christmas to look forward to and decorating inside and out to enjoy. Use lots of berries and foliage for a really festive feel – plus don’t forget outside too.

You can also create a winter arrangement of garden plants in a nice tub, give it a ‘Christmassy’ decoration and then place it outdoors - by the front door, on the garden table or on the balcony - or in a cool spot in the home. A poinsettia will create an instant Christmas atmosphere in your living room.


Pruning together

  • In the dark days before Christmas it’s fun to tackle the garden together.
  • If you are going to be pruning trees it is also handy if there are two of you. As one prunes, the other can keep an eye on the shape the plant retains.
  • If you have a privet hedge now is a good time to give it a vigorous pruning - when spring comes it should come back with strong growth.


Outdoors inspiration
There’s lots of inspiration for outside decorations. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Lights on trees – perfect if you have a Christmas-style tree in the garden but can look great too on bare branches and around coloured bark.
  • Doorstep decs are great – a pair of standard hollies, a skimmia and an flowering erica in a pot or what about an attractive mini fir in a red container.
  • Plus, of course evergreens and their attractive foliage come into their own in the garden now – look out for different members of the elaeagnus family with their bright colourful leaves – eye-catching colour to add to your border or winter at this time of year! 



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