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Callicarpa: spectacular berry

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by PSF • Friday September 2, 2016

Nature adds something special to summer with berries in bright colours.

Fruitful berry

Callicarpa’s flowers are really ordinary, but in the autumn the shrub blazes with spectacular berries. As a typical berry shrub, Callicarpa produces a huge amount of berries. The smaller leaves are picked during the harvest, allowing the fruitfulness of the berries to increase.

Made in China

Callicarpa belongs to the Verbenaceae family. The name Callicarpa means literally: rich in beautiful fruit. The English name is Beautyberry. There are a range of varieties including Callicarpa bodinieri, which is named after Emile Bodinier who worked as a missionary and botanist in China. The berry shrub also originates from China.


Each berry begins with a flower. When the flowers have been pollinated – either by wind or bees – the fruit is created. The Callicarpa berries grow in wreath shaped sprays along the branch. This amazing way of growing is shown to its best advantage in a large vase. You can also combine the berries with other seasonal plants, such as Sedum and Asclepias.

Callicarpa care tips

Berries are available all year round but most varieties are available between August and November. Standard care tips apply: cut the ends off the stems, remove the lower leaves (and berries) and put the stems in clean water with cut flower food.

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