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  • Justine H.I have apples, potatoes, oranges, peaches, etc. Can I grow any of these with their very own seeds? Potatoes do not have seeds, therefore can I grow them or do I need seeds? If I plant the Tuesday June 23 at 17:57


  • Shania S. Shania S. I grown potatoes from over grown potatoes in my vegetable basket which was neglected. They grow thick stubble roots. You just need to put it in pot and soil. Within a week you should see decent size leaves. I’ve been told you should only dig up the potatoes after the green leaves go yellowish brown. Let me know if you need more advice as I’m currently growing my own potatoes. :) Sunday June 28 at 15:16
  • Justine H. Justine H. Okay thanks and yea how bout this!! I've got greenery now where (abt 2 weeks ago) I planted my neglected, rotting potatoes!! Sunday July 19 at 19:15