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Jane M.

  • It is not admirable just yet. We moved here to a ‘polythene yes polythene not weed may) river stones, , river rocks and wood bark garden. We had it underway and plantings done but I had to have surgery in March and another next month and there is a 3 month standown from gardening or anything like that.
    My husband has to have a hip replacement as soon as I am able to get around so... small steps again I am afraid. We have camellias and roses in. Roses ravaged by
    A bug we could not wipe out by spraying.
    Hygrandeas were unspectacular due to weather and Cana Lillie’s in wee pockets thrived.
    I think we will just add more of the same and plant trees we have in pots.
    Not worth seeing.. we are trying though and will get there eventually
    Sunday May 12 at 05:15