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  • jim F.Have had this Japanese Maple 2 years now. Healthy, growing. 6ft. + tall. Zone 7b--good weather most of the year. No diseases or pests noted on this tree.
    But, there is a bare spot about 4 feet off the ground that extends over a foot up the main trunk that has no limbs and no leaves--its absolutely bare and has been forever. I keep thinking it will grow something in that aea but, nope.
    The top hangs over and points almost groundward due to the weight of branches above the void and it just does not look right with a bare midriff.
    Should I continue to wait it out and hope something fills the void, or trim the trunk there and be happy with a shorter fuller tree that may not regain it's former height.
    Thursday April 11, 2019 at 00:23