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  • Alana T.Ignoring the sad state of the leaves (I just brought my plants in from the balcony a couple weeks ago and I’m still trying to figure out good light and water for them all) I was examining my carrot plant today when I noticed the leaves looked a little dusty. Like there were cobwebs in the spaces between the leaves that had caught some fine white dust. Curiously I was rubbing away some of it, when I spotted the tiny white dust MOVING ON ITS OWN NOOOOO.

    What bugs are these, and should I be worried? How do I get rid of them?? I started growing carrots to feed my bunnies, with the intent that they’d eat them straight off the plant (the copper metal is a grate that domes over the plant so that they don’t eat it down to the root, and it can stay alive) so spotting bugs on it has seriously concerned me.
    Saturday November 3, 2018 at 05:48

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  • Alana T. Alana T. As I was sitting here going “NOOOOOO BUGS I HATE BUGS” I remembered I had a giant jar of food-grade diatomaceous earth I got to deal with cockroaches when I first moved into the apartment, as a non-toxic pet-friendly insecticide. What’s good for cockroaches is surely good for whatever these things are, and I dusted it all over the plant. The carrot plant is now looking distinctly wintery, however I’m now also wondering if I’ve discovered the source of the wilting, since the diatomaceous earth has now made the extent of the webbing visible. It’s a lot. The whole plant is infested. Now I desperately want to know what they are, my scalp is itching like mad in paranoia. They’re probably ALL OVER ME and I’d never even know it. Saturday November 3, 2018 at 06:07