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Alana   Candelabra Spurge (Euphorbia lactea)

  • Alana T.I have had this cactus for actual decades now. Planting cactuses in pop-bottle terrariums was an activity one day during Sparks, the youngest level of Girl Guides. I must have been around kindergarten age at the time? My absent-mindedness through my life generally translated into something of a black thumb as I either completely forgot to water my plants, or tried to make it a routine and over-watered them. This cactus shares the honour with a lucky bamboo plant of having survived my entire childhood without dying. I’m hoping as an adult I’ll be more successful with plants now that I can set reminders and such, but this plucky little spurge has been through it all.

    It is only literally today that I decided to look up what it actually IS and how I SHOULD be taking care of it. It deserves even more admiration, because apparently it’s survived frankly determined attempts to kill it. Google tells me that it doesn’t tolerate drought well; this one has survived me forgetting to water it for months on end.

    Ladies and gentlefolk, Euphorbia lactea: the Candelabra Spurge
    Friday October 19, 2018 at 07:06

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  • Lynn L. Lynn L. Very nice! My 30+ year old euphorbia is 7 feet tall but not as evenly branched out as yours. Friday October 26, 2018 at 13:30