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  • Juliana C.Can someone help with any pointers about this "grass"? Anything is helpful, so far the closest thing I have found is some hawkweed and dymondia but that is not it. I believe it's in the dandelion family.

    It grows very much like grass, each "tuft" is very tiny, about the size of a small coin. The roots spread below the surface to give more tufts. It gives little flowers that have similar seeds to a dandelion (couldn't find any open flowers, just ones with seeds, it may be yellow or white).

    The below of the leaves are white, and the leaves are smooth, ending in a little pointy end. I found this in the middle of a park lawn being grown as some of the lawn but no lists of grasses have anything on it.
    Tuesday August 21, 2018 at 13:46