Photo: Snake Plant
Photo: Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Botanical name: Sansevieria trifasciata
Other names: Mother-in-law's Tongue

General description

It is commonly called the snake plant (not to be confused with the very similarly named "Snakeplant", Nassauvia serpens), because of the shape of its leaves, or mother-in-law's tongue because of their sharpness.

In China, it is known as hǔwěilán (Tiger's Tail Orchid). In Japan, it is called 'Tiger's Tail. In Brazil, it is commonly known as espada-de-são-jorge (sword-of-saint-george). In Turkey it is known as Paşa Kılıcı (The Pasha Sword) due to its blade-like shape, it is commonly associated with Ogun, the Orisha of war (usually associated with Saint George), and is used in rituals to remove the evil eye. A yellow-tipped variant is known as espada-de-santa-barbara (sword-of-saint-barbara), and is associated with Iansan/Oya, the female orisha of storms (usually associated with the sword-bearing image of Saint Barbara). In Africa, the plant is used as a protective charm against evil or bewitchment.


1 cm
Partial shade
Full shade
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